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France-Portugal: “Pogba and Rabiot have brought more mobility to the Blues”

Jean-François Domergue, author of a resounding double in the semi-finals at Euro 84 against Portugal (3-2), followed the match closely from his home in Switzerland. Especially since it was commented on M 6 by Xavier Domergue, her son.

How to sum up this meeting?

JEAN-FRANÇOIS DOMERGUE. It was still an interesting game with pace and intensity. Especially among the Portuguese in the first period. It was better then with the Blues. In particular because Paul Pogba and Adrien Rabiot brought more mobility to the Blues by playing higher and leaving Kanté in a role of sentry. We can summarize the meeting in a duel between two large defensive blocks.

How complicated was it to take the European champions in default?

The Portuguese defended almost at five, especially with the help of Joao Félix and the Blues evolved almost to 4-3-3. Which was the right solution. We should not be disappointed by the meeting because Portugal is still a very high technical level with a lot of power in addition.

Is this Rabiot’s best game in blue?

I found him better in the second half when he decided to go crash into the Portuguese. I don’t know if it’s a problem of confidence or positioning with him, in his role as a torchbearer, but he is able to do much better.

How did you judge your son’s performance at the microphone?

(Smile) He was comfortable and fine. I know he works a lot up front and honestly I find his understanding on the microphone with Robert Pires to be very good. The most important thing is that you can clearly hear how passionate he is.

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