France-Sweden: “In Blue, all the matches are good to take”, ensures Hugo Lloris

Three days after a decisive success in Portugal (1-0), the Blues play a game without a stake against Sweden on Tuesday at the Stade de France (8:45 pm on M 6) for their last meeting of 2020. An important meeting in the eyes of the captain Hugo Lloris.

Do you fear decompression for this game without much stake?

HUGO LLORIS. No. The loss to Finland has called us to order. It is important to savor our great victory in Portugal. The objective is to finish on a good note, the Swedes have a stake in wanting to avoid relegation to League B. We have to do it for us, it is important to give continuity in the performance and to keep the taste of victory. It is also important for the supporters who will be in front of their TV. We must continue to win and gain the maximum confidence even if the qualification is already assured.

The match against Sweden is without sporting stakes but may allow some to mark the spirits after the defeat against Finland. Do you think that can inhibit them?

There are personal issues at the dawn of a great competition. It is always important to join the collective. The group is living very well. There is a lot of positive energy. As a manager, we have the role of guiding everyone in this direction, and helping the less well players to be better within the team and that this is reflected in their performance.

Kim Källström, your former teammate at Lyon, believes that Sweden’s luck lies in your possible nonchalance. Do you agree ? I love Kim as a player and as a person, but I don’t want to talk about nonchalance. Sufficient perhaps because we are already qualified. But the loss to Finland has called us to order. We have a responsibility to win when we play for the France team. You have to be as serious as possible and end the year with a good performance. In Blue, all matches are good to take. If you want to settle in the long term, you have to come with this state of mind.

You won in Portugal in a 4-4-2 system, is this the best pattern for the Blues?

The coach has set up different systems in the competition, it’s good to find the best formula, we came back to a more classic pattern against Portugal with a good state of mind, fantastic energy on the pitch as well as in the cloakroom. Adrien (Rabiot) contributed in a beautiful way to the success of the system in his left lane. Everyone adheres, the state of mind is positive, it must be kept.

VIDEO. Portugal-France (0-1): “The enormous collective performance of the Blues”

Did you also find the state of mind displayed in Russia?

I don’t think Finland caused this performance. I said it before the game, there was concern around certain executives and I told you that these players knew how to raise their level in the face of adversity. We like big competitions, high level matches, this match against Portugal had everything of a great international match.

What is your view on Amandine Henry’s criticisms of Corinne Deacon?

I was surprised. In general, when there are difficulties, misunderstandings and disagreements, they are resolved internally around a table, between executives, coach and president. The President has spoken. I hope they will find a common solution for the good of the French women’s team.

What did you think of Adrien Rabiot’s performance in Portugal?

I’m not surprised at his level, he always had the potential. There is a lot of competition in the France team, you have to be patient. Since he has been at Juventus, he has matured, we feel he has blossomed in the team. His performance in Portugal is proof of this.

And that of Anthony Martial?

He deserved to score, he had the chances but Rui Patricio made important saves. Anthony was happy with the result but a little disappointed because the attackers are always hungry for goals. He did what he was asked to do offensively and defensively. It bodes well for the future.

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