François Ruffin wants a thirteenth month for Assembly cleaners

The fact is rare enough to be underlined: a transpartisan bill will be tabled in the National Assembly on Wednesday at the initiative of François Ruffin, deputy for France Insoumise de la Somme. It will be co-signed by 68 of his colleagues, from the left -LFI, Communists, Socialists- but also elected representatives of the majority such as LREM deputies Sonia Krimi, Sereine Mauborgne or Bruno Bonnell and UDI Thierry Benoît, as well as elected officials from the right-wing opposition like Julien Dive (LR).

The object of this text seems, it is true, likely to be consensual: the payment of a thirteenth month to women and men of household working in the National Assembly.

175 employees who work for subcontractors

These employees – 175 people, one-third of whom are full-time and two-thirds in reduced time – work for private subcontractors of the Assembly – Europnet II, Audacieuse and Proxy Services – and only receive an end-of-service bonus. year. This premium varies, depending on the signatories of the proposal, between 43 and 206 euros per year. Far, they say, from the exemplarity that the institution should demonstrate and that the majority has never ceased to claim.

“We ask that the National Assembly and its First Quaestor put the acts in line with the words and that a thirteenth month be indeed paid, from this year 2020, for the agents working in our premises”, explain the signatories.

“That Mr. Ruffin really works, rebels Florian Bachelier, the First Quaestor. Since the fall of 2017, when I held this position within the Quaestorship, I took up this issue and I wanted it to be exemplary in terms of substance and method. I invited François Ruffin to work with us, but he never made any concrete proposals. “

Social clauses in contracts

The First Quaestor, who has renegotiated two of the four cahiers des charges which bind the Assembly to external private service providers, insists, on the contrary, on the inclusion of social clauses in contracts: bonuses, French lessons or “hourly mix” , that is to say a mix of day and night schedules …

These clauses would be renegotiated with the Federation of cleaning companies and the CGT federation of Dockers, curiously in charge of the “cleaning” sector… The employers’ federation and the union will again be received by the quaestor to “go further”. “I asked them to define their ideal specifications for us and we will apply them in full,” says Florian Bachelier.

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