From EELV to LREM then to government, who is Barbara Pompili really?


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Summary :

When the government of Jean Castex was announced on July 6, 2020, his name caught the attention. Barbara Pompili becomes the fourth Minister for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, and a leading figure within the executive.


Inserted at 25 with the Greens, Secretary of State in charge of biodiversity at the end of François Hollande’s five-year term, then LREM deputy for the Somme from 2017, this former disciple of Yves Cochet, known for his freedom of speech , has forged a political path outside the opposition ecological camps.

If Barbara Pompili has won several battles, such as the progressive ban on wild animals in traveling circuses, her central position in the government sometimes leads her to play the balancing act. This summer, the minister had to defend the partial reintroduction of neonicotinoid pesticides, which she had banned in 2016.



Portrait with journalists Jannick Alimi, from the political service and Emilie Torgemen, in charge of the environment at Le Parisien.

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