Germany: these anti-masks who compare themselves to resistance fighters against Nazism

The scene has already been viewed over a million times. Climbing to the stage during an anti-mask rally in the streets of Hanover, a 22-year-old woman compares her life to that of Sophie Scholl, a German student executed by the Nazis in 1943 for her role in the resistance.

“I do not work for security to (hear) such nonsense,” protests a security officer when, at the same time, the young woman bursts into tears and drops her microphone before leaving the stage.

This sequence alone illustrates the echo generated in Germany by anti-mask demonstrators in Germany. These sometimes bring together up to 20,000 people from, among others, the radical left, conspiracy circles or the extreme right. Last Saturday, in Karlsruhe, it was an 11-year-old girl who felt she was living a nightmare equal to that experienced by Anne Frank because she had to celebrate her birthday in peace. Several hundred people also gathered in Berlin on Sunday for a new protest against anti-Covid restrictions.

“No connection between the demonstrations and the resistance fighters”

“Anyone today who compares to Sophie Scholl or Anne Frank laughs at the courage it took to stand up to the Nazis,” Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said in a tweet on Sunday. Such an attitude “trivializes the Holocaust and reveals an inadmissible oblivion of history. There is no connection between the protests (against the anti-coronavirus restrictions) and the resistance fighters. No ! “, He was indignant, like many Germans.

Germany has long made it a point of honor to face up to its Nazi past and to recognize “its eternal responsibility” in the extermination of the Jews. The far-right AfD party has in recent years challenged this culture of historical memory, with its leaders calling for an end to atoning for the crimes of Nazism.

An adjustment of measures Wednesday

Germany has tightened restrictions since early November in an attempt to stem the second wave of contaminations: restaurants, bars, cultural venues and leisure centers have been forced to close while shops and schools have been allowed to remain open .

VIDEO. Berlin, London, Florida … Why they are demonstrating against the wearing of compulsory masks

On Wednesday, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the sixteen lands will have to decide whether even stricter measures must be adopted by Christmas. Finance Minister Olaf Scholz told the Bild daily on Sunday that the current restrictions “may have to be extended for some time”.

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