“Health” strike of teachers: an “indecent and inappropriate” movement according to the executive

8.8% in primary and 10.3% in secondary, according to the Ministry of National Education. The participation figures for the “health” strike on Tuesday, launched by an inter-union (FSU, Fnec-FP-FO, CGT, Educ’Action, Snalc, SUD and SNCL-Faen) to demand a strengthening of human resources in the fight against the epidemic and protesting against the “unpreparedness” of the public authorities did not escape the executive.

“These figures are low,” said a member of the government, leaving the Council of Ministers. Which scratches a movement “indecent, selfish and inappropriate” in full confinement. Another, well disposed to retaliate, adds: “This strike is politics, it is the cynical use of a health crisis for partisan purposes with a view to 2022”. Do not throw any more!

It is an understatement to say that the government has gone back up. Especially since Jean-Michel Blanquer recently announced a stricter protocol in high school, with “a maximum” of 50% of distance learning in some establishments. On social networks, teachers believe that barrier gestures or new instructions are difficult to put in place, especially in high school and college where it is complicated to avoid mixing. Messages and photos taken by professors are popping up on Twitter with the hashtag #Balancetonprotocole.

VIDEO. Teachers’ strike: “We are delivered to Covid-19, with the students and their families”

“We can understand a certain frustration, because the decisions are taken in the Defense Council and then apply three or four days later, which is short, we recognize at the Ministry of National Education. Our house is not used to this, but France is not used to living under the Covid. “

In the government, we deplore a “double posture” on the part of the unions, while wage negotiations are underway. A point of stage of the “Grenelle des professors” must also take place next week. “Some teachers’ unions, and not teachers, have already behaved badly in the spring and continue to do so, scratched a member of the government. Two organizations, let us remember, had briefly called on teachers not to accept the reception of the children of caregivers. A new Defense Council is due to be held on Thursday. New announcements concerning the school are expected to be made public that evening by Prime Minister Jean Castex.

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