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Horse racing: Doctor of Balloon crowned king of Auteuil in the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris

The victory of Balloon Doctor, our last minute (10/1), in the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris (Gr.I), this Sunday at Auteuil, is the result of a lot of patience.

That of his trainer, Louisa Carberry, who has believed in his champion since the age of 4. That of its owners and breeders, the Gasche-Luc couple, who have owned horses for many years. And that of his jockey, Bertrand Lestrade (he broke his collarbone during the next race), very inspired although he found himself 43 meters from the head before the second jump of the river from the stands.

The arrival of the Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris 2020:

The fun is waiting, some say. Waiting was in any case a profitable tactic for the gelding which galloped relaxed before overflowing Figuero, the future second favorite, and Will-o’-the-wisp, another good 5 years old, just after the jump of the last hurdle.

At 8, he won his finest jewel. Fell to the rail ditch last year when it was very played, Balloon Doctor thus finds fair compensation for his misfortunes.

The formidable speed of the winner allows Louisa Carberry to put her name on the prize list of the event twelve years after the second success of her husband, Philip, jockey of Princess of Anjou in 2006 and 2008.

Originally from England, she also became the second woman coach winner of the Grand Steeple after Isabelle Pacault (Carriacou in 2019), she who had not won a single race in the temple of the obstacle this year.

Installed for five years in the training center of Senonnes (Mayenne), she could not contain her joy: “I want to win my first race every year at Auteuil in the Grand Steeple (laughs)! It’s really huge, especially since I only have 25 horses. Doctor had health concerns and we took our time. I was very disappointed last year when he fell because I knew he had the level to shine. I never doubted him, even when he ejected his jockey on his comeback. My husband rides it every morning and did a great job. He is not there because he was stressed and preferred to be alone in front of the television. “

Two real enthusiasts

Monique and René Gasche-Luc have given birth to very good horses for 35 years, both trotting and galloping. History will remember that they will have had to wait until they are 85 and 84 to win the Grail thanks to the new king of Auteuil.

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