Hyundai e-Kona achieves 1,000 km of range, first for consumer electric car

Hyundai is one of the underdogs in the electric car market. Indeed, in 2017 the South Korean giant launched its electric Kona, renamed e-Kona. This vehicle is selling like hot cakes. Especially because of its fairly low price, and the promises it keeps. Mainly reliability, robustness, but above all autonomy.

In its most powerful version, the e-Kona has to date 550 km of real autonomy. However, a new model still in the test phase has managed to reach 1000 km of autonomy. With driving restrictions though.

Hyundai hits hard with electric Kona with 1,000 km of range

Currently when we hear an electric car, we immediately think of its autonomy. Which makes perfect sense. No one would like to run out of battery life in a remote forest where no network is available.

The Hyundai e-Kona – Photo credits: Flickr

Suddenly, to drive far you must have an electric with high autonomy. What few brands offer today. To name only those who have such vehicles, we think in particular of Tesla, Hyundai or Mustang Mach-E.

However, with its next-generation e-Kona currently under testing, Hyundai is expected to push the boundaries of zero emissions.

Driving restrictions to reach 1,000 km of autonomy

To carry out this unprecedented test in real conditions, some concessions had to be made by Hyundai and by the pilot behind the wheel of his SUV.

Including city driving at all times, except in 30 km / h zones, or stop at red lights. No air conditioning or radio on. No seat heating either, nor music on board. In short, the car was traveling without any electrical equipment running. With the exception of course of the on-board controls.

In the end, on the three e-Kona put in competition, here are the recorded autonomies: 1026.1024.1 and 1018.7 km. And this with a single charge.

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