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‘I feel so powerful’: how Trump uses Covid-19 to campaign

Stronger than diseases, therefore stronger than anyone… Starting with their main opponent. About ten days after revealing that he was infected with Covid-19, Donald Trump uses and abuses, no doubt, references to his return to “great shape”, as he himself assures us. Until making it a key argument at the end of the campaign.

As the ballot ends on November 3, the President of the United States hastened his comeback with great fanfare. This Monday, for his first meeting since his hospitalization, on October 2, the cantor of “Make America Great Again” (“let’s make America great again”, Editor’s note) chained the statements and theatrical staging.

Republican supporters gathered on the tarmac at Sanford, Florida airport saw him perform victorious dance steps, symbols of his recovered liveliness, before hearing him talk about his good health, him that age – 74 years – and obesity ranked directly among the patients at risk. “I feel so powerful,” he particularly congratulated himself.

VIDEO. In meeting in Florida, Donald Trump shows himself in “great shape”

“They say I’m immune, I don’t know for how long,” he added. […] I could walk in the crowd and go and hug everyone. I would kiss guys and pretty girls. I would give you a big big kiss, ”he still had fun with fans won over – and most of them without a mask.

The day before, the New York Times revealed that the billionaire had gone so far as to cherish the idea of ​​leaving the Walter Reed hospital in Washington, where he had been interned for three days, by wearing a Superman t-shirt under his shirt, which he would have quickly ripped facing a delirious crowd. The head of state, according to the New York newspaper, would have given up at the last moment.

” Do not be afraid “

Donald Trump still largely promoted his return to the White House, through two Hollywood videos at the end of which he took off his mask on the steps of his official residence. “Do not let (the Covid-19, Editor’s note) dominate you, he urged afterwards. Don’t be afraid you will beat it, we have the best medical equipment. A harangue for the less offensive in the most bereaved country in the world, where the epidemic has killed 210,000 people.

VIDEO. Covid-19: Trump takes off his mask as soon as he returns to the White House

As soon as he was hospitalized, the American president tried to minimize at all costs the impact of the virus on his state of health, despite the alerts sent by his relatives. While the White House doctor claimed that his patient was doing “very well” and had “no difficulty breathing”, his chief of staff, Mark Meadows, was alarmed by off of “vital signs […] worrying ”and“ critical ”hours ahead. What to sow doubt as to the veracity of the health bulletins emanating from the presidency.

These different postures stand in any case with the great caution displayed by the Democratic rival of the outgoing president. Slightly older than Donald Trump – 77 years old – Joe Biden has not participated in any large rally for several months, stressing the need to respect the instructions of the health authorities.

PODCAST. Who is Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate in the United States?

“The more Donald Trump is president, the more irresponsible he seems,” he said indignantly on Monday, while the images of his competitor’s meeting went around the world. “His irresponsible personal conduct since his diagnosis has been scandalous,” he added. Placing, in turn, the personal situation of the president at the heart of his end of the campaign.

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