Immigration: the right wants to “close the door”

“There is an ongoing movement among Les Républicains (LR). At one point, some said: globalization is good, it’s great to be a citizen of the world! It’s over: we are renationalizing ourselves and we rediscover the virtues of the national melting pot, ”says Gilles Platret. The vice-president of LR and mayor of Chalon-sur-Saône (Saône-et-Loire) sums up the spirit of the “national convention on the authority of the State and national unity” which he will lead on Tuesday in party headquarters with his counterpart Frédéric Péchenard. A first, which will be followed by two others by the end of the year on global warming and the economy. Objective: to demonstrate that on the right there may not be a leader… but we have ideas!

Residence permit subject to fluency in French

Unsurprisingly, the two sarkozysts will put on the table proposals for regal firmness – of which “Le Parisien” has been informed – which must serve as a programmatic base for the right in the presidential election of 2022. In order to reduce immigration, LR will propose to put an end to the 30,000 annual regularizations and to include in the Constitution the principle of a legal immigration ceiling. This is not contradictory, in the eyes of the Republicans, with the proposal of Nicolas Sarkozy, formulated Friday evening of a “moratorium” on immigration. It does not matter that Marine Le Pen was delighted on Sunday on BFM “to see that everyone says” like her on this subject.

“You come to integrate, not to take advantage of a system of allowances”

“We need to ask ourselves and think about our migration policy. The door must remain closed while discussing it, ”explains Gilles Platret. LR also proposes to make obtaining a residence permit – and its renewal – conditional on an oral and written examination in French. “When you come to France, you accept to belong to something that is beyond you, you are not a globetrotter. You come to integrate, not to take advantage of a system of allowances ”, summarizes, cash, Gilles Platret.

To transmit “the values ​​of the Republic”, Christian Jacob’s party is counting on the school by strengthening history lessons focused “on the national novel” so that children share a “same heritage landscape”. Still at school, LR intends to ban the veil for accompanying persons, but also for university students. A proposal that Nicolas Sarkozy had already formulated during the 2016 primary but that François Fillon had not defended, referring this decision to the universities themselves. “We are polarizing the debate on a subject that is clearly not the right one”, already regrets an elected representative.

On Islam, the tone therefore hardens, even if this idea has already been defended many times by various executives in recent months. In order to allow the expulsion of radicalized foreigners, which is sometimes made complicated by law, the Republicans want to include in the Constitution a “state of anti-terrorist necessity” which would make it possible, according to them, to derogate from current jurisprudence. The message is clear: do not be overtaken on the right by the government and, in particular, Gérald Darmanin who communicates extensively on the subject.

“I’m waiting to see how many radicalized people will really leave”, quips Frédéric Péchenard. A clear strategy for LR for lack of being innovative and disruptive, while the right has not ceased to promise for a year a major ideological overhaul. “I am of course in agreement with some of these measures, confides on condition of anonymity a framework. But there is nothing very new, we are not advancing the debate … “

Measures against the “pauperization” of the police

As part of the agreement, LR will propose to increase the budget of the security forces to 1% of GDP via an increase of 25 billion euros over 5 years. What to fight against the “pauperization of the police”, according to Frédéric Péchenard. “Rotten cars, computers that don’t work. It’s not just a hardware issue. Behind this is a lack of recognition of the work of the police. I already knew this when I was a young commissioner in the 2nd Territorial Brigade! Exclaims the one who then became the director general of the national police.

In addition to the reintroduction of minimum sentences, the abolition of automatic reductions in sentences and the creation of 20,000 prison places, LR wants to simplify the code of criminal procedure, which is too complex today and which would encroach on police investigation time. One of the causes of the lack of vocation, according to Péchenard. “Even the PJ is recruiting less today! “

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