In Brazil or PSG, Neymar stacks the goals

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And to think he was uncertain! A last minute back pain almost caused Neymar to miss the two matches of the Brazilian selection against Bolivia (5-0) and Peru (4-2). Author of a record for dribbling on Friday in the first match, the PSG star was back on Tuesday night in Lima to carry the Seleção with a historic hat-trick. With 64 goals in the Auriverde jersey, Neymar climbs to second place among the top scorers in Brazilian history, 13 units from King Pelé and ahead of Fenomeno Ronaldo.

Among the five most effective Brazilian triggers, Neymar shares with Zico the absence of a world champion title on his record. Trophy that Pelé (3 times), Ronaldo (2 times) and Romario (1 time) have raised. But the number 10 is only 28 years old and will undoubtedly have one or two new opportunities in 2022 in Qatar and in 2026 in the United States. It’s his next challenge as well as the one to surpass Pelé’s total goals.

With 103 selections on the clock at only 28 years old, Neymar still has good years ahead of him to relegate his legendary predecessor. Since 2017, he has still missed 13 games with Brazil. Not to mention the matches canceled for nearly a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Especially since his arrival at PSG in the summer of 2017 made him even more a scorer than he was at Santos or FC Barcelona.

Under the red and blue tunic, Neymar scored 72 goals in 88 appearances. That is a ratio of 0.81 goals per game. An exceptional average that only Zlatan Ibrahimovic (0.86) and Carlos Bianchi (0.88) surpassed during their stay in Paris. Above all, this ratio of Neymar to PSG is much higher than what he produced at Barça (0.56) or Santos (0.51).

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