In Rouen, the mayor is “live” every Friday evening

First Friday in November. It is 6 p.m. after one or two minutes when Nicolas-Mayer-Rossignol, elected mayor of Rouen (Seine-Maritime) last June and has since become president of the Rouen-Normandy metropolis, launches the new session of #RouenDirect via the Zoom application. A weekly meeting open to all that the elected Socialist 43-year-old has decided to set up since the start of the school year.

A kind of extension of the first confinement when videoconferencing tools burst into the daily lives of many French people. And not just at happy hour. “I wanted something simple, without an agenda, but with direct contact that cannot be found through live from Facebook for example. “

“I did not want something downward where I would simply respond but an exchange,” says the former president of the region who explains the rules of the game in a few minutes before launching the discussion from his office at City Hall.

About forty residents are present with the added bonus of some elected members of the majority. “We went up to more than 80 people on certain appointments”, specifies the chief magistrate. There is obviously a question of confinement with, for example, this questioning of Hervé Aguillard, the director of the Rouen art house cinema L’Omnia, very worried about the future of its cinemas.

We mention the cancellation of the Christmas market and entertainment or the latest data on the health crisis in the city … But it is also a question of energy saving, many “details” (signage, cleanliness, green spaces …) Which pollute life, supporting photos. We also talk about the image of the city or the choice of Le Havre to host the headquarters of the future great Norman port.

We are far from passing arms

On this point, Nicolas-Mayer Rossignol unveils his strategy so that the city of Rouen is not forgotten in the affair. “The choice of Le Havre was an open secret, and it is not about getting into a fratricidal war between our two cities. But by raising the tone, I wanted to regain control after the somewhat hasty announcement of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and obtain guarantees for the future. “

The tone remains calm, cordial. We are far from passing arms and vitriolic Twitter-style comments. The initiative, still rare on a national scale for a community of this size, is clearly appreciated. Even if it remains to make itself better known. “We must retain the solemnity of the office of mayor when necessary. But that does not mean that he cannot go into contact and be affordable, ”comments Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol. The appointment is already made for this Friday. There should be a question of a future swimming pool which is long overdue …

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