Innovation & Startup: Dedicated server, a great way to grow online

Do you understand the value of your business’ online presence? Got a website, but you know how it works? Many business owners don’t realize they are sharing servers with hundreds or even thousands of other sites.

It’s time to take your business to the next level and explore the benefits of using IKOULA Dedicated Server. It is among the leaders in web hosting and offers a variety of solutions to help you grow online. Your shared server hosting has limits to your growing business needs.

Exclusive use of dedicated resources

When you have your own dedicated server, you get the entire web server for your exclusive use. This is a significant advantage when you compare shared hosting to dedicated hosting. The disk space, RAM, bandwidth… of the server belong to you.

You have complete control of the server. This will allow you to have root access to the server. You can add your own software, configure settings, and access server logs. You can run your applications or implement special security measures.

Increased flexibility

A dedicated server can meet the growing needs of your business. With this solution, you can decide on your own server configuration. As your business grows, you can add or modify existing services. This will allow you to benefit from optimal flexibility when new opportunities arise.

This solution thus offers exceptional scalable customization. If you need more processing and storage, Dedicated Server is your platform. Plus, today’s consumers have higher expectations. They want the convenience of quick access to your products. A dedicated server serves customers with fast page loading and better user experience.

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