Iran: a young woman arrested because she did not wear the veil on the public highway

Wearing the veil is compulsory in Iran for women in public. Because she appeared on images on a bicycle without a hijab, a young woman was therefore arrested, reports the official Irna press agency on Tuesday. “A person who recently violated the norm and insulted the Islamic veil […] was arrested ”, indicates the governor of the city of Najafabad (center), Mojataba Raii, quoted by Irna.

According to the press agency, the dissemination of images of this woman “without a veil, in the main square” of the city and “in front of the great mosque”, provoked protests among “the inhabitants and members of the clergy” from Najafabad.

In the video, the young woman appears with her face blurred and raising an arm from time to time as a gesture of greeting.

Open investigation

The law in force in Iran since the Islamic revolution of 1979, requires women, whether Iranian or foreign and whatever their religion or belief, to come out with their heads veiled and their bodies covered with more or less loose clothing. long.

However, the zeal of the authorities on this subject has clearly diminished over the past twenty years and a growing number of Iranian women, in Tehran and other large cities, are showing their hair clearly.

The governor of the city of Najafabad indicated that an investigation had been opened to find out the motive which pushed the young woman to “commit this act”, without communicating the identity of the detainee.

“The inhabitants of the city are organizing today (Tuesday) a rally to protest” against this “unprecedented violation of standards”. The Fars agency, close to the conservatives, also indicated that “several women” protested today in Najafabad on the place where “a woman had broken the law”.

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