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Iran believes it can buy weapons and military equipment

Iran said on Sunday that a UN (United Nations) arms embargo has now expired. Tehran, the Iranian capital, believes that this is the result of the international Iranian nuclear agreement and resolution 2231 of the UN Security Council, the government of the international institution.

“As of today, all restrictions on transfers of arms, related activities and financial services to and from the Islamic Republic of Iran […] are all automatically lifted, ”the Iranian foreign ministry said. He believes that the international community has “protected” the agreement and marked the “normalization of Iran’s cooperation with the world”.

Russia and China ready to take the market

Under the terms of the international Iranian nuclear agreement, the embargo prohibiting the sale of weapons and heavy military equipment to Iran was supposed to expire on Sunday. “The Islamic Republic of Iran can therefore obtain the necessary weapons and equipment from any source without any legal restriction and only on the basis of its defensive needs,” the ministry added. The Islamic Republic “can also export defensive armaments on the basis of its own policies”, considers Iranian Foreign Affairs.

Russia confirmed in September its willingness to develop cooperation in military matters with Tehran once the embargo was lifted; China is also making no secret of its intention to sell arms to Iran.

In August, the United States failed in an attempt to push the Security Council to extend the embargo and restore international sanctions against Iran lifted under the pact. In May 2018, US President Donald Trump unilaterally pulled his country out of the Iran nuclear deal concluded in 2015 in Vienna (Austria).

Trump, alone against the other signatories of the agreement

The Iranian ministry hailed this Sunday “a memorable day for the international community”, adding that the world stood alongside Tehran “in defiance of the efforts of the American regime”. The Iranian communiqué urges the United States to “abandon its destructive approach to resolution 2231”, recalling that the American attempts have been “categorically rejected on several occasions in the last three months by the Security Council” .

Donald Trump puts forward, against the other States parties to this agreement with Iran (Germany, China, France, United Kingdom and Russia), that this text does not offer sufficient guarantees to prevent Tehran from acquiring the atomic bomb. Iran has always denied wanting such a weapon.

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