Islamism: “We will win, but the war will be long”, assures Manuel Valls

Manuel Valls looks back on the terrorist wave that is hitting France again. For the one who was Prime Minister at the time of the 2015 attacks, “the answer cannot be to challenge the rule of law”. But beware: for him, we must not hesitate to revise the Constitution if necessary, for example in order to be able to set up, for radicalized prisoners or convicted terrorists who leave prison, “reinforced security detention systems, house arrest or surveillance ”.

Manuel Valls also pleads for “a total reorganization of Islam in France” and in his eyes the CFCM (French Council of Muslim Worship) is not in a position to do so. Finally, the former Minister of the Interior points to the ineffectiveness of the European Union’s border control policies which “too often remain a sieve for illegal immigration. “

Three Islamist attacks in a few weeks. Is this the failure of our policy to fight terrorism?

MANUEL VALLS. It is the demonstration above all of the total war waged by Islamism. This war is dreadful, cruel. We will win, but we must prepare – and I want to tell the French the truth – for it to be long. France is targeted in its democratic, secular, Christian and Jewish dimensions. It is the hatred of what we are, of French civilization. Since 2012, all governments have strengthened the human and technical resources of the security forces, our armies and intelligence. Only a global strategy against Islamism, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafists will allow us to eradicate it everywhere at school, in neighborhoods, associations… It is a political and cultural battle, with implications major geopolitics.

Should we, as some right-wing leaders ask, call into question our fundamental freedoms?

The jihadists attack France in the hope of reactions from far-right identitarians, attacks on mosques, reprisals, intended to provoke a civil war and to break the country out of democratic rules. However, I say, strong in my convictions, the answer cannot be the questioning of the rule of law and authoritarianism. The only answer is the authority and the power of democracy.

But isn’t democracy weak and naive?

Democracy is not naive if it is strong. What is essential is to firmly apply the current law. Everything that has been decided by the Minister of the Interior, expulsions, closure of the Pantin mosque, dissolution of the Cheikh Yacine or BarakaCity associations and of the CCIF, shows that this is possible. Of course, justice must follow. Should we go further? I have no taboos.

PODCAST. Who is behind BarakaCity, the association in the sights of the authorities

On what subjects?

That of the releases from prison of convicted terrorists and ordinary radicalized people is perhaps the most worrying. The former, if they are foreigners, must be expelled, which implies winning the balance of power with the countries of origin. For the others, there is a need for reinforced security detention, house arrest or surveillance (electronic bracelets). This also applies to the 2,500 radicalized inmates in prison. If the law needs to be reviewed, especially after the negative decision of the Constitutional Council, to make its mechanisms more effective, I am in favor.

Even if the constitution needs to be revised?

Yes, if it is essential, and on condition that it is done methodically and in unity. And if a law changes, if a constitution is revised, European treaties can also be renegotiated. But beware of easy slogans. Creating a French-style Guantanamo, for example, does not mean anything.

Would you be in favor of a review of the right to asylum?

Here too, I am in favor of the greatest possible efficiency: reduction of the processing times – I contributed to this when I was a minister -, expulsion of the rejected, increased cooperation with the intelligence services … But reforming the right to asylum does not will be useless if the borders remain permeable. The European Union too often remains a sieve for illegal immigration. More rigorous controls are needed at the external borders and therefore in the countries most concerned, Spain, Italy, Greece and even France.

Some call for caution before publishing the cartoons of Muhammad …

I hear this little music which is that of renunciation and cowardice. As if not publishing the Charlie Hebdo cartoons would protect us from the fatwas that Islamism has launched for thirty years. On the contrary, let’s be proud of what we are!

What do you think of the text against communitarianism presented by Emmanuel Macron at Les Mureaux?

I hope that this law will make it possible to better apply secularism and to fight all the excesses of Islamism. But the great and particularly complex subject is found within Islam. The Muslims of France, whom we defend against the Islamists, must stand up to make it clear that they are for Enlightenment Islam and against political Islam. Too many still consider Sharia law above the laws of the Republic. There needs to be a total reorganization of Islam in France. It cannot be entrusted to third countries, to foreign funding and even less to associations which are under the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood. I don’t think the CFCM (Editor’s note, the French Council of Muslim Worship) be able to do so.

How to negotiate a reorganization of Islam?

We have no other choice than an original path, I could say concordataire for the taste of provocation. The state must be directly involved in the organization of Islam.

Does this mean questioning the law of 1905?

No, that means first of all real control over the training and appointment of imams.

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