Jean Castex: “The next phase will not be the return to ante confinement”

He is the last official to pass on the grill of the National Assembly’s commission of inquiry on the management of the Covid-19 epidemic. This Tuesday, November 17 at the end of the day, Prime Minister Jean Castex – whose hearing initially scheduled for November 3 had been postponed – responded step by step to questions from deputies.

No mea culpa, therefore, except that the former “Monsieur Déconfinement” of the government of Edouard Philippe concedes: “Perhaps, indeed, that we have deconfined a little too much”. While also pointing out that the French had probably not respected the barrier gestures “with sufficient zeal” during the summer.

“We have taken the appropriate decisions each time”

The Prime Minister also warned that the return to “happy days”, to use the phrase of Emmanuel Macron, was not for now. When the second confinement ends, “the next phase will not be the return to the ante confinement,” he said. There will be braking provisions, which are being set, which will continue. “

For the future, the government also intends to continue to pursue its policy of “test, trace, isolate”. Asked by LR deputy Eric Ciotti, Jean Castex did not close the door to the hypothesis of compulsory isolation of positive cases: “I am not reluctant to have this question on the table”, a- he replied. But remember, however, that French law only allows volunteering. A possible development could then only take place, specifies the head of government, “under the control of the constitutional judge”. Regarding vaccines, he hopes that they “can be deployed quickly and be effective”.

Finally, on the government’s action since the start of the epidemic, the Prime Minister assures him: “I believe that each time we have taken the decisions adapted to the evolutions, not always foreseeable” of the disease. Right in his boots then.

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