Judo: “Our sport wanted change”, believes the new president Stéphane Nomis

Thunderclap to the French Judo Federation. Stéphane Nomis, 50, was elected president, defeating Jean-Luc Rougé who, at 71, was running for a fifth term. Stéphane Nomis obtains nearly 60% of the votes at the end of an electric campaign, notably marked by a series of revelations of cases of sexual violence. Nomis’ large victory takes on the appearance of disavowal for the outgoing management.

Everything opposed the two men: the style, the vision of judo, the mode of communication. Company manager, Stéphane Nomis relied on former high-level athletes such as Gévrise Emane, Frédérique Jossinet and Frédéric Demontfaucon, when Jean-Luc Rougé surrounded himself with his close guard, composed in particular of very high-ranking officers and renowned champions like David Douillet.

It is an important page which is turned. Jean-Luc Rougé had held the position of president for sixteen years and had previously been national technical director and general manager. He will have spent more than forty years in federal authorities.

Stéphane Nomis: “Our victory is that of French judo”

The winner first had a word for the loser. “I would like to thank Jean-Luc Rougé for all the work he has done during all these years at the head of the Federation, we had a good fight during these campaign weeks. Stéphane Nomis, who made an uncompromising diagnosis of the state of the FFJ, then detailed what made the difference according to him. “I’m happy for myself but especially for the team around me. I think we have raised a lot of hopes. I’m getting hundreds of messages, it’s good that something was wrong. It’s been two months since our estimates gave us 60%, it hasn’t changed. Despite the pressures and tensions, the voters followed us to the end. They trusted us, I think they found themselves in us. “

After a great success without possible dispute, Nomis immediately wanted to hold a unifying speech. “Our victory is that of French judo. Judo wanted a change, I came at the right time. We had the right to run, campaign and fight to be elected. Today we have a lot of homework. We have aroused hopes and desires, we will have to work. »And to detail his first actions at the head of the Federation, including the sex scandals which shook the discipline unaccustomed to so much turmoil. “I plan to tackle two big files on Monday. The first concerns violence, it is an emergency because we must imperatively eradicate this scourge. We also have a health emergency. Our clubs currently do not do judo, we must support them, help them put in place solutions. We reiterated that the federation should be at the service of the clubs, it must be implemented. “

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