Leipzig-PSG: “I have the impression that something has broken”, notes Dhorasoo

With the exception of Moise Kean, whose activity he found interesting, Vikash Dhorasoo, consultant to La Chaine L’Equipe, hardly had a good evening in front of the match of his former club, defeated 2-1 Wednesday night in Leipzig.

Did Paris miss a golden opportunity tonight?

VIKASH DHORASOO. Yes it looks like that. PSG led, should have taken two goals in advance and it was enough for Di Maria to miss his penalty so that he disappeared and Leipzig regained control. From there, Paris suffered. Without the talent of Neymar and Mbappé, this meeting in Leipzig was a real test. We hoped to see Paris behave as a team and have character to get a result. It is clear that this was not the case.

Is this also a responsibility of the coach?

I have the impression that Tuchel missed something. He should have moved when Gueye was red, he didn’t. Something is playing out at this point. We can also discuss the positioning of Marquinhos and Danilo. There, we can clearly see that Danilo in central defense, it does not work. We can still wonder why, Rafinha does not start, while it lacks technique and good passers in the middle. But why these changes? Of course, at 10 against 11, it’s complicated, but I expected to see Rafinha or Ruiz enter rather than Kehrer or Bakker …

Did Gueye’s expulsion kill any last hope?

It’s never easy to take red. But when a team is strong, they take the blow and go back to battle. But there, there were no leaders to push and rally the others. Failing to be beautiful to see, it is necessary at least to go to the fight. A few weeks ago, we saw this team showing its links, laughing, walking around with the music… There, that is no more. I feel like something has broken. This is no longer the team we saw this summer at Final 8. Paris has weakened mentally and in the game. It must have been hard in the locker room.

Should we already wonder about the chances of qualifying PSG?

Yes of course, it can be complicated. Especially since Tuchel’s PSG is no longer scary. There, Neymar, Mbappé, Verratti were missing. But even without them, Paris must inspire awe. But he is no longer seen as an ogre.

Is Tuchel threatened?

When he started in Paris, I remember that he was smiling, that he made sometimes daring tactical choices at half-time. But since that incredible loss to Manchester a year and a half ago, he doesn’t have that anymore. I think it’s difficult for him, he’s lost track and leadership a bit.

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