Ligue 1: do PSG lose their heads during their matches?

These are strong words, released by Presnel Kimpembe, the Parisian captain, after the defeat in Monaco (3-2), while Paris led 2-0 at the break. The central defender spoke of an “inadmissible”, “catastrophic” second half. While a crucial meeting for the continuation of the adventure in the Champions League looms Tuesday at the Park against Leipzig, the defeat in the Principality revives the memory of the first leg in Germany, on November 4, where PSG had led 1 -0, before missing a penalty to finally bow again (2-1).

Mental trainer in Aix-en-Provence, where he worked in rugby and handball in particular, Florent Duchesne, 47, said he was “surprised by the recurrence of these examples”. Not hesitating to include the recent home defeat against Manchester United (1-2), he notes that “it’s a bit as if the Parisians were not mentally preparing for this kind of scenario”.

VIDEO. Monaco-PSG (3-2): “The team completely fell apart”

In an attempt to explain these jumps in concentration, the specialist slips a few hypotheses: “Is there an excess of confidence which means that they no longer invest collectively and individually?” Or is it, on the contrary, a lack of confidence that makes them enter into doubt? From the outside, it’s difficult to say. In any case, I am surprised that a team like that, at this level, cannot resolve the issue. “

The lack of physical preparation for the offseason, a long list of injured players in the heart of a busy schedule, also seem to weigh on Thomas Tuchel’s team. “But if each player has really specific goals, he can manage to counteract that with better placement or better anticipation,” said the mental trainer.

“The first mental trainer is the coach”

How then should Parisians react to prepare for the reception in Leipzig? “It all depends on what they were doing until now, judge Florent Duchesne. If the mental aspect was already worked on, we must find out why it does not work. If they just realize the problem and work on it – studying what to do when the team leads 1-0, 2-0, 3-0 and the opponent scores a goal in particular – that will help. to correct the situation for Leipzig and avoid the wanderings that we have seen in some matches. But be careful, this does not mean that there will not be a relapse. With the mind, it’s like with the physical: you have to be regular in your effort and demanding with yourself. “

In these conditions, the role of Thomas Tuchel will be essential. “The first mental trainer is the trainer,” says Florent Duchesne, who likes to cite the work of Didier Deschamps and Guy Stéphan with the Blues in this area.

On the other hand, the reaction of the German coach after the lost match in Monaco, saying he was “more surprised than angry”, leaves our expert wary. “It’s amazing,” he says. I more expected him to say: I am angry because the players did not respect the instructions, I will reframe them. It would have been a more responsible attitude. If he’s surprised, that means, in my opinion, that he doesn’t have the solutions. It’s more an admission of helplessness. But if he does not know why it is happening, four days to play against Leipzig, he had better quickly find the keys to open the lock. Because the escape game will end soon! “

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