Ligue 2: Chambly supporters keep the faith

They continue to believe in it. If FC Chambly, the red lantern of Ligue 2, has struggled since the start of the season, its supporters are far from giving in to alarmism. On the club’s Facebook page, messages of support abound, as well as those heralding “better days”. “Nothing is lost, there are still many games, at one point it will smile”, loose Bernard, summarizing the general thought.

A speech in line with that held for several weeks by Bruno Luzi. The coach also retains a big popularity rating with fans despite the difficult period. “He does a great job,” says Jacky. Let it work in the shadows, and there will be results. “A great staff, a great coach and a listening president, it can only work”, adds Jérôme.

If almost all seem to believe in a bright future, some are still trying to find explanations for the current slump. “There are a lot of injuries, it will be better when they come back, adds Jacky. I do not worry. “” We also met the big teams from the start, and we are not dropped, notes Alain. Paris FC was in our place a year ago, today they are leaders. “

The recruits have not yet convinced

“The return matches at the new stadium could change everything,” presumes Serge for his part. Criticism towards the coach or the staff is non-existent. Those against the players are hardly more numerous. The rare banderillas are often sent to recruits, considered disappointing. “Are we not paying for certain recruitment errors today? asks David. Only Bradley Danger is a pleasure to see. We miss the rookie who would have improved the group from last year. “” They do not bring more to the team for the moment, “confirms Christophe.

Very few are those who question the quality of the team or the strategy employed. Some dare to do it all the same. “Chambly does not have the professional level given the match against Dunkirk,” says Cyril, seeming to preach in the desert. “Training is often based on defense which, if it was the strength of the team last season, tends to wither this year, notes Hugues. Wouldn’t it be interesting to risk the offensive card, strengthening the midfield and the attack? “

By questioning a little, several supporters recognize, however, that there is “something wrong this season”. “I cannot find the warriors, the fighters that we had in the other years,” regrets Alain. “There is a mental problem, a concern for confidence, sighs another Christophe. We see too many individual errors, boxes. Sometimes I have the impression that they have nothing left in their stomachs, it lacks desire and concentration. Maybe we saw each other too beautiful… ”

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