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Ligue 2: Chambly with absent subscribers against Clermont (0-3)

No one is a prophet in his own country. Chambly is learning it the hard way at the start of the season. Bruno Luzi’s players were indeed beaten by Clermont this Friday evening at the Pierre-Brisson stadium in Beauvais in the advanced match of the 7th day. Their third loss in four games played in the enclosure where the Camblysiens find refuge while awaiting the construction of their new stadium. More worrying for the FCCO, which occupied the 18th place before the blow, it is its 4th loss in seven games, for two draws (in Niort, 1-1) and in Caen (0-0) against a single victory on the 26th. September against Châteauroux (2-1).

But this Friday evening, Thibault Jaques and his partners were not able to have the respondent who had saved them the day against the Castelroussins. If they had managed to equalize and then win during the 5th day, this time they paid a high price for their mistakes during a first period totally suffered and during which they shone by their transparency.

As such, two figures speak volumes. And painful. The Camblysiens only had the ball 24% of the time during the first 45 minutes against 76% for the Auvergnats, 8th before kick-off. Chambly only shot four times for a single target, far from Clermont’s 11 strikes for 6 on target. And two goals that owe a lot to opposing mistakes. On a ball lost by Zabou in the Oisien camp, the ball reaches Chader, whose strike is repelled by Pontdemé. Berthomier only has to take the left and open the scoring (0-1, 12th).

Badu still had the equalizer ball

The Chambly goalkeeper avoided the worst on two strikes from the head of Outondji (16th, 19th) before being well helped by Oumar Gonzalez (33rd), for whom it was the first championship game since his shoulder surgery right last May and which lies on the ball just in front of the line. He can do nothing on the second Auvergne goal just before the break. Danger tries to revive Heinry but the ball is recovered by Clermont and reaches Bayo, left alone by the central defense. Thibault Jaques no doubt believes in offside, the Clermont striker quietly lobe Pontdemé (0-2, 43rd).

Chambly, who had been very close to equalizing on a strike from Badu on the goalkeeper following a cross from Zabou well launched by Soubervie (34th), was again punished after returning from the locker room, on a new error. After a lot of work from Chader, Nsimba crosses for Allevinah. Left alone, the Clermont winger quietly places a head strike which makes the addition difficult (0-3, 63rd). The changes made at rest, with the replacement of Soubervie, from left side to his right side position, and the entry of Boubacari Doucouré (21), who signed his first pro contract on July 1 and for which it was the first minutes, therefore, will not have allowed Chambly to put an end to his ordeal this Friday.


CHAMBLY – CLERMONT: 0-3 (0-2).

Spectators: 1,000. Referee: M. Paradis.

Goals: Clermont: Berthomier (12th), Bayo (43rd), Allevinah (63rd).

Warning. Clermont: Magnin (28th).

Chambly: Pontdemé – Danger (David, 84th), Gonzalez (B. Doucouré, 46th), Jaques (cap.), Soubervie – Flochon (Camelo, 66th), Derrien – Zabou (Delos, 72nd), Heinry, Susnjara (El Hriti, 46th ) – Badu. Entr. : B. Luzi.

Clermont: Desmas – Seidu, Houtondji, Ogier, Nsimba (Trichard, 90th) – Magnin, Iglesias (cap.) (Albert, 90th) – Allevinah (Tell, 76th), Berthomier (Rajot, 84th), Chader (Dossou, 76th) – Bayo . Entr. : Gastien.

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