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Ligue 2: gauge of 1,000 spectators, Chambly will have to adapt

The Ligue 2 match between FC Chambly and Clermont, brought forward to this Friday (7 p.m.), will be sold out. Usually this expression refers to a crowded enclosure. However, this will be far from the case this time, at the Pierre-Brisson stadium in Beauvais.

The Oise is certainly not affected by the curfew instituted Wednesday evening by President Emmanuel Macron in eight metropolises in France. But, given the evolution of the epidemic in the department, sports events are now subject to a tonnage of 1,000 spectators.

The prefecture announced it to the Ligue 2 club on Tuesday afternoon. “Frankly, we felt it coming, blows the Stadium manager, Marius Delaunay. This adds a few more lines to our chapter on restrictions related to Covid-19. “At the end of the last practice, this Thursday morning, there were only a handful of places on sale for the meeting, before the online ticket office closed.

But, in reality, it will be much less than 1,000 tickets that will be sold for the coming of Clermont. The subscribers, about half a thousand, obviously have priority. To this must be added the large number of invitations, on which the club has tried to cut corners to maximize the sale of seats. If the players and staff have been able to keep theirs, the club has decided to suspend those devolved to employees and volunteers.

And the opposing club received only 30 instead of 50, as authorized by the Professional Football League in the event of a 1000 spectators. All this put together, the Picardy staff does not expect to sell more than 250 seats. Knowing that the crowds during the first meetings were already very disappointing, fluctuating between 1,300 and 1,400 spectators. “At the ticket office, it’s a disaster,” sighs Marius Delaunay.

No boutique, VIP lounge, visiting supporters …

On the other hand, there will be a little more than 1000 people in the enclosure. “This gauge has recently been rearranged, says the Stadium manager. Initially, this included all the individuals present. Today, this only concerns visitors, but not actors and organizers. And we have between 150 and 180 members of the organization working every game night. “

If the boxes are operational, the VIP lounge will remain closed, since the limit of 30 people in this closed place cannot be guaranteed. There will also be no Clermont supporters. “We decided not to activate visitor parking, as against Châteauroux, cowardly Marius Delaunay. They would have been about ten anyway. And that’s already what the majority of other clubs are doing. So far, our supporters have never been able to travel. “

Exit also the shop and the refreshment stall, even if the spectators will be able to be delivered to drink and to eat in their place via the application of the club. And all the stands of the stadium will remain open. “We have subscribers in different parts of the enclosure,” recalls Delaunay. We could have chosen to relocate them, but that requires some logistics. And then, at a time when social distancing must be respected, it is better to avoid regrouping the supporters… ”

“1,000 spectators is more penalizing for those who welcomed 5,000, which was not our case, positively the coach, Bruno Luzi, at the end of the final session. And then, it’s always better than in camera. “A closed session which only concerns, for the moment, the zones of maximum alert. “We must prepare for it, we suspect that it will eventually happen”, augurs Marius Delaunay.


CHAMBLY – CLERMONT, this Friday (7 p.m.), Pierre-Brisson de Beauvais stadium. Referee: M. Paradis.

Chambly: Pontdemé – Soubervie, Gonzalez, Jaques (cap.), El Hriti – Derrien, Flochon, Heinry – Zabou, Badu, Susnjara. Entr. : Luzi.

Clermont: Desmas – Zedadka, Hountondji, Ogier, N’Simba – Iglesias (cap.), Magnin – Allevinah, Berthomier, Chader – Bayo. Entr. : Gastien.

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