Ligue 2: in Chambly, it’s not the joy

President Fulvio Luzi recognizes this bluntly. When it comes time to travel to Auxerre, this Saturday (7 p.m.) for the 8th day of Ligue 2, Chambly is going through difficult times. “Everything falls on us at the same time, we take blows from all sides, sighs the strong man of the Picardy club. TV rights, the stadium, the Covid-19, a not great sporting situation… We are fighting. I take all that with fatalism, because it is all French football that is shaken. And today, health comes first. “

Tuesday, a decision of the Council of State suspended the environmental decree of the prefect authorizing work on the new Sports Park so that the future stadium, under construction, is to the standards of the League 2. This decision is the consequence of the fight led for two years by the ecologists of the Association for the Development of the Valley of Esches (AAVE), who denounce “a major environmental offense” in this wetland.

The club does not want to express itself officially on the subject, but it seems he has since been reassured by his town hall concerning the continuity of the work. The construction workers were also hard at work this Friday morning, during the final training session before leaving for Yonne. The Camblysiens therefore plan to settle in their new enclosure at the beginning of next year, as planned since the end of confinement. In the meantime, they will continue to play their home matches at the Pierre-Brisson stadium in Beauvais, but with public reception conditions which should still change.

Despite the threat of suspension, work on the future Chambly stadium continued on Friday / LP / EM.

During the reception of Clermont (0-3), last Friday, the prefecture of Oise had decreed a tonnage of 1,000 spectators for the first time this season. This weekend, the department will become a new curfew area. The Ligue 2 club therefore expects to be imposed in the coming days in camera which could last several weeks. It would be a new blow for the finances of the club, already damaged by a very disappointing attendance before the announcement of these measures, with approximately 1,300 spectators on average since the beginning of the exercise.

Actors prefer to stay focused on the sporting aspect

In addition, there are questions related to the payment of TV rights, since the Spanish broadcaster Mediapro has announced its desire to revise the contract downwards. The clubs should still receive the entire October deal thanks to a loan taken out by the Professional Football League (LFP). On October 11, Fulvio Luzi did not hide from us his concern about the following events, evoking a possible bankruptcy in the event of suspension of TV rights and a renegotiation of players’ salaries in the event of a drop.

“Today, until proven otherwise, we are paid, tempers defender Thibault Jaques. We must not go into a psychosis, nor speculate on the future. “The captain, so often exemplary, symbol of current difficulties, prefers to refocus the debate on the sporting aspect:” When we list all the problems, we say to ourselves that we have left for a difficult season. But, apart from the stadium, all the clubs are going through the same thing as us. We cannot make excuses. We are the worst defense (Editor’s note: 13 goals conceded), it’s incredible for a club like ours. “

If Chambly is suffering today, it is indeed above all in the field. With only one victory on the clock, the barrage (18th) clearly did not reassure during the defeat in front of Clermont (0-3). So much so that coach Bruno Luzi plans to give a good kick in the anthill during the trip to Auxerre. “We will not see the same team as last week, we have to make a change,” he says. I could give him a chance, but here we are at the 8th chance. The idea is not to sanction, but to create a click and to prick a little. This is a strong signal, although it may not work. “

Like his captain, the coach does not want to dwell too much on extra-sporting problems: “Me, my job is the field. In circles authorized to think, they think. What I want is to find Chambly. You can win or lose, but you have to present a face that makes the match difficult for your opponent. For Clermont, it was too easy (sic). I don’t want to see this anymore. “

This speech corresponds to that of his brother president who, if he tries to manage all the problems head-on, obviously remains concerned about the performances of his proteges: “I want to review the true values ​​of FC Chambly: solidarity, abnegation, combativeness . I wait for that, whatever the outcome. That’s what I asked the staff at the start of the week… ”



Saturday (7 p.m.), Abbé-Deschamps stadium.

Referee: M. Gaillouste.

Auxerre: Léon – Arcus, Jubal, Coeff, Bernard – Ngando, Touré (cap.), Autret, Sakhi – Le Bihan, Fortuné. Entr. : Furlan.

Chambly: Pinoteau – Soubervie, Camelo, Jaques (cap.), Danger, El Hriti – Derrien, Flochon, Heinry – Correa, Stojanovski. Entr. : B. Luzi.

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