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Ligue 2: “We apologize to our loyal spectators”, confides the coach of Chambly after the setback against Clermont

Chambly recorded against Clermont (0-3) its 4th defeat in seven games, this Friday in Beauvais in an advanced game of the 7th day of Ligue 2. A new disillusionment at a start to the season necessarily worrying.

In the heat, what is the predominant feeling after this heavy defeat?

BRUNO LUZI. We must congratulate Clermont, who was superior technically and in the finish. They didn’t have many more chances than us, but they converted almost with every ball. It would have taken a much better Chambly to upset them.

We felt very early on that the match would be complicated …

Yes, as soon as there was 0-1. We have two situations before. One by Susnjara, who does not shoot and waits, the other by Gonzalez, with a header, all alone in front of goal. Afterwards, you have to frame … Then Clermont scores, then it’s gone … We had a very complicated end of the first half, with the break in addition. We lose the 2nd but by being a little better, by having situations. There is the post (Editor’s note: Danger strike, 65th). It doesn’t smile. More must be done.

Do you feel angry?

They don’t lose on purpose. There are certain sectors where we were really weak tonight, in particular between games, in recovery and in distribution. It’s still the heart of the game. Up front, we did some interesting things but we didn’t score. Behind, we were not brave enough since they scored three times. We need to correct in many areas. Lately, it was a little better, now it’s a slap.

Nothing seemed to be going tonight …

Yes, and the opponent opposite for whom all is well. They have players that we don’t have. We are not looking for an excuse. We are not hiding behind the incumbents who were lacking in Chambly. We only blame ourselves, we just apologize to our loyal spectators for the insufficient performance and the score which is dry.

Chambly paid for its errors cash …

It reminded me a bit of the Paris FC match (Editor’s note: 0-3, during the 1st day). A Chambly who could have come back to the score, but we must put them … Opposite it sends. and at the end it’s 0-3. Six games later, it’s the same. We must immediately zap and project towards Auxerre to try to bring back a result. We are not going to start tonight to give up and surrender, it is not the style of the house.

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