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Macron facing the Covid-19: behind the scenes of the latest arbitrations

The atmosphere on the eve of the All Saints holiday? “Heavy, very heavy,” loose a pillar of the majority. Another, which one probes on the mood of the country: “I feel the French totally depressed. “Between the resurgence of the epidemic, the accumulation of dark clouds on the economy, the specter of a social crisis of magnitude, it is nothing to say that times are anxiety-provoking.

As if our model of society was wavering like a “house of cards” (the metaphor is one of the pillars of Macronia) in the face of the coronavirus. And we must also take into account the burning security issue, following the attack on the Champigny-sur-Marne police station, two days after that of two police officers on mission in civilian clothes in Herblay.

“It’s a very nice moment when we have an ecological, democratic, health, economic and social crisis”, sighs a minister. Suffice to say that the backdrop of the interview with Emmanuel Macron on TF1 and France 2, this Wednesday evening, is emerging in a very dark picture.

“The situation is serious”

“There are times when you feel that a public expression is necessary”, estimates one at the Elysee Palace on the eve of this intervention, announced on the following tone: “The hour is serious. The Head of State intends to dwell on health, economic and social issues. Certainly, underlines those around him, “living with the virus is also solving other problems”. The fact remains that “the second strong wave of the Covid”, as Jean Castex calls it, is once again on the agenda, with new announcements expected.

If the arbitration of the Defense Council this Tuesday morning did not filter, the Prime Minister prepared the spirits for a turn of the screw during the meeting of the LREM group in the Assembly. “Additional measures will come. The call for individual responsibility has found its limits “, then decided the head of government, estimating that” we will die of not having done enough, rather than too much today “.

The equation continues to arise as follows, according to the Elysee: “break the speed of circulation of the virus and carry out economic, social and cultural reconstruction”. One difficulty makes the puzzle even more difficult. “The very complicated point is that people are contaminated overwhelmingly in the private sphere”, notes a minister while ensuring that the executive “is doing everything to avoid” a new general confinement, synonymous with economy in the stop. So what measures?

Towards a curfew?

The Defense Council on Tuesday provided an opportunity to consider new targeted restrictions. Presidential interview requires, silence remained in the ranks of the government on the final arbitrations. But certain assumptions, such as the use of a curfew, are no longer seen as a taboo. “I believe that everything is possible, everything is on the table”, agreed the Minister Delegate in charge of Citizenship, Marlène Schiappa, on LCI.

The objective is to create “a burst”, argues a government adviser, who at the same time wonders: “We are also faced with the fact that the French can no longer take the Covid. How do you get the message across when people no longer want to hear about it? “

He said it in front of the LREM deputies, Jean Castex estimates that “the public has only reopened its hatches for fifteen days”. And again… Making one’s message heard, especially among young people, is not the least of the difficulties the executive faces. Government spokesperson Gabriel Attal also wants to meet influencers every month, in the hope of finding echo with those under 25.

“There must be more controls”

Getting your voice heard isn’t everything. Then it is necessary that the message meets adhesion. However, some have, within the government, “the impression that people have reached the end of the efforts they could make”. Illustration across the Rhine. “The acceptability of the binding measures announced by Merkel, things are going very badly … There is no reason why it should be different in France”, notes the entourage of Olivier Véran, who deduces: “We must ‘there are more controls. We need to make the presence of the state more visible. We need blue. »Understand: police and gendarmes, but also RATP and SNCF agents.

A stone in Gérald Darmanin’s garden? “When there are forbidden things, they must be enforced! And this is not enough the case. So if we put more constraints, we will need more police, ”pleads a relative of Véran. Especially in the event of a curfew because “for it to be effective, it must start early enough”. Answer this Wednesday evening on TF1 and France 2.

An address to the French to try to answer the concerns and questions. But also to convince of the merits of the advanced measures and the need to apply them. All in a short time. Because at 8:45 p.m., Croatia-France will be broadcast live on TF1, and the channel informed the Elysee that there was no question of biting on the match. Football also has its reasons …

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