“MacronLeaks”: six Russian agents indicted by American justice

The Kremlin denounced on Tuesday the “Russophobia” of the United States after the announcement by the American justice of the indictment of six Russian agents for global cyberattacks, including the hacking of the party of Emmanuel Macron before the presidential election of 2017 Documents known as “MacronLeaks”.

These charges are part of a “frenzied Russophobia which obviously has nothing to do with reality,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, deploring a “tendency to accuse Russia and the special services Russians of all sins ”.

Hacking of the Olympic Games-2018

Washington announced Monday that it had indicted six Russian military intelligence agents for cyberattacks carried out between 2015 and 2019. These notably targeted, in addition to Emmanuel Macron’s party, the 2018 Olympics in South Korea or the electricity network of Ukraine.

The six hackers, aged 27 to 35, are wanted by American justice. “The Russian Federation, the Russian special services have never carried out cyber attacks, especially in connection with the Olympic Games,” Dmitri Peskov insisted on Tuesday.

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