Macron’s announcements: “Difficult but fair measures”, considers Philippe Juvin

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The doctor and elected LR Philippe Juvin calls to “stick together” in the face of the gravity of the situation.

Emmanuel Macron announced the establishment of curfews in areas where there is a strong resumption of the epidemic. A good idea ?

PHILIPPE JUVIN. I think these are difficult and unpopular measures but they are fair. He did well to take it now. He was clear, he set a principle, a geography, a timetable. The French have shown responsibility so far, and it is important that what has been announced by the President be respected.

Has the government been slow to respond?

It’s always easy to redo the game. The situation is so serious that we need as little controversy as possible and stick together. Emmanuel Macron said that the state had learned from its mistakes, on tests and tracing. It is important that these words be followed by action. We cannot ask the French for efforts, and that it does not follow behind.

Will this be enough? Are there other steps to take?

When we look at the statistics of cluster creation – family or friendships are an important part of it – the problem has been targeted. But we will only be able to verify the effects of a measure taken today in three weeks. It will be necessary at this time to see if it is necessary to lighten the device, or to harden it.

Has the government done enough to help the hospital sector since Wave 1?

There were some good things and some not enough. The salary increase policy put in place with the Ségur de la santé is a major effort by the State, but if it is perceived, individually for each caregiver, as weak. On the other hand, we have not at all increased our hospitalization capacities, we have not set up a health reserve, nor opened ephemeral hospitals as has been done in the world. We got absolutely nothing on that.

Do the new announcements of economic support for businesses seem sufficient?

We should congratulate ourselves on it but not be deluded. We have destroyed more than 14 jobs than during the 2009 crisis. Aid is welcome but it cannot be equal to the problem.

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