Management of the Covid-19 crisis and searches: Véran, as if nothing had happened

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A search at dawn, a press conference “curfew” at 2 pm, and the political program of France 2, “You have the floor”, from 9:05 pm live from Marseille, with nothing less than a debate facing… Jean-Luc Mélenchon. “Yes, it makes him good days in Véran”, comments a walking deputy who continues: “The perquiz the day after the president’s announcements, frankly… ”

Indeed, nothing like this to confuse the message: how to be reassured about the management of the second wave when two of the main actors (Véran and Salomon) are accused of having put lives in danger by their action (or inaction) during the first? The minister, him, the imperturbable cheek. His team confined itself to informing that the operations ordered by the Court of Justice of the Republic (CJR) took place “without difficulty” and in the afternoon, Véran assured, by not wanting to show anything, the Wednesday night presidential announcements after-sales service.

All the same, we perceived a very slight emotion when Jean Castex paid him a strong tribute at a press conference. “Thank you very much Mr. Prime Minister”, replied Véran while the head of government told him his “total confidence”, underlined that his minister was “always at the front, morning, noon and evening for several months” and that he spared “neither his time nor his great competence”.

“Decisions are taken according to the health imperative”

A minister who watched his colleagues’ performances on television commented: “Véran is solid, focused on the mission to accomplish, but it’s hard. Another member of the government: “It is a constitutive element of the investigation, therefore undoubtedly normal … But I can easily imagine the violence felt by people who acted for the best. “

Now remains a question: the sword of Damocles judicial, made very sensitive by the searches of Thursday morning, can it distort political decisions? Is there not a risk of being overly cautious, which can be costly when all the stake, and all the difficulty of this crisis, is to move forward on a ridge line between the health imperative and economic recovery? ?

Save lives while avoiding “the collapse” against which the former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe (also searched Thursday morning) had warned France on April 28 … The entourage of the Minister of Health responds: “The decisions are taken according to the health imperative but are balanced since everyone in government defends their priorities. These searches are a logical procedure, life goes on. “

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