Marine Le Pen wants “war legislation” against terrorism

A charge against the governments which have followed one another for thirty years, and a battery of proposals to try to fight against “Islamist terrorism”. Marine Le Pen wished to let the weekend pass before taking the floor for the first time publicly about the attack that affected Conflans-Saint-Honorine on Friday with the assassination of teacher Samuel Paty.

From the headquarters of her party in Nanterre, the boss of the RN paid tribute to the late professor – earlier in the morning she had gone to lay a wreath in front of her college – and denounced “the criminal ideology which kills regularly in our country “. Marine Le Pen called for “the immediate implementation of a commission of inquiry” to “seek to understand if, and under what conditions, he (Editor’s note: Samuel Paty) could have been abandoned by his hierarchy ”. This commission is also responsible for “understanding the administrative failures […] which made it possible for the assassin and his family to be admitted to France, ”she declared.

“The eradication of Islamism is no longer an option”

“What happened on October 16 is not really a surprise”, continued the member of Pas-de-Calais, accusing governments for thirty years of not having acted enough, evoking ” declarations and acts of war (Editor’s note: Islamism) that our leaders have always sought to minimize ”. “The Republic must regain control. The eradication of Islamism on French soil is no longer an option, ”she finally professed, explaining that“ since terrorism is an act of war, it requires legislation of war ”, within the framework of of the rule of law. “Specific” police procedures, strengthening of national and municipal police resources, creation of “suitable” penitentiary centers… The one who is already declared a candidate for the 2022 presidential election has also requested “effective disqualifications of nationality” as well as “The revision of the conditions of expulsions” of individuals who are linked to the radical Islamist movement.

Marine Le Pen also denounced “the insufficient and anachronistic containment strategy” of Emmanuel Macron who had made a speech and made announcements against “separatism” on October 2.

On Sunday, tens of thousands of demonstrators – representatives of political parties included – gathered at Place de la République to pay tribute to the murdered professor, but no elected National Rally had made the trip. The reason given: its leaders are “in political action, working on something more concrete and are a little fed up with candle policy “, We tried to justify the party.

VIDEO. Conflans attack: a “declaration of war” for Marine Le Pen

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