“Marseille, j’adore”: the cry from the heart of an actor in “La Casa de Papel”

At 43, the Croatian actor Luka Peros revealed himself to the general public by playing the character of “Marseille” in “La Casa de Papel”, one of the favorite series of the French. Completely assimilated to the city and to OM, he explains to us the relationship he has forged with the players.

What is your relationship with Marseille and its football club?

LUKA PEROS. I was invited for Marseille-Lyon in November 2019 and… it was like a shock! I loved the energy of the Vélodrome and understood the connection between the club and its city. OM supporters are passionate. Too bad that for health reasons, they can no longer put pressure on the opponent.

So you follow all the matches?

Of course. For the match against Paris, I was alone in my hotel room in Madrid, where we are filming the fifth season of “La Casa de Papel”. It was frustrating, but I was happy for the guys. I sent them congratulatory messages.

On the spot, did you realize the importance of the series and of your character?

It started after the third season, where my character didn’t appear much. It was crazy ! Almost everyone recognized me. If I go back now, after season 4, I can’t even imagine… I hope the fans are proud. These are the producers who gave me the name of “Marseille”. And I love ! I feel completely assimilated to this city.

At OM, it is the players who ask you for photos …

I wanted to see Payet, because Dimitri had made me dream about West Ham with Bilic (Editor’s note: the Croatian coach of the time). And then I met Duje (Caleta-Car), my compatriot. With Alvaro (Gonzalez) and Pipa (Benedetto), we talk a lot. Pipa is the good father of a family, who likes to play music and be with his friends. I really loved Marseille …

You mentioned the Clasico against PSG. How did you experience all the tension that followed?

Wrong. I am against violence because it breeds violence. Players are meant to be role models. They looked like children in a schoolyard. The Football League was guilty of putting such a young referee. I was happy for OM (0-1 victory) but so disgusted with what I had seen.

Alvaro Gonzalez thanked you publicly for supporting him in difficult times …

The little I know of Alvaro Gonzalez is a well-behaved, professional boy, and I don’t believe he said those horrors (Editor’s note: accused of racist insults by Neymar ). The best would have been for Neymar and Alvaro to show an image of appeasement. Let the two explain each other afterwards and shake hands. What I told Alvaro is that he learns from this dismal episode. May it make him grow up. He cannot put himself in such situations… He and his family received death threats anyway.

You were indirectly involved on social networks …

I love Brazil and my wife is Brazilian. But after the game, I got hate messages. The series is very popular there. The fans know that I am “Marseille” and that I support OM. And they equated me with all this mess. What do you want…

Do you know Neymar, who made an appearance in season 3?

No, but he’s a fan of the series, like Mbappé, Verratti and almost all the footballers in the world (smiles). In Brazil, Neymar is like Jesus. What he says influences more than 200 million people! I met Verratti on a promo night in Paris, he was eating next to our table. He was looking at us all, with his big blue eyes! (laughs)

What can you say to the French fans of the series? What will we see in the fifth and final season?

We will see “Marseille” again of course. When I read the script for the fifth season, I think to myself: but how do they do it? It’s awesome ! I’m like a kid. It’s gonna be the final show, but what a show it’s gonna be …

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