Meeting of party leaders in Matignon: “Everyone goes back to what their neighbor told them”

It was a good intention. “The Prime Minister invites you to a videoconference concerning the evolution of the management of the health situation”. This is the content of the email that all France has of leaders of political parties and presidents of parliamentary groups received Wednesday. “I spent the whole evening looking on Wikipedia who was who and who was doing what,” mocked MEP RN Jordan Bardella, who represented Marine Le Pen.

If the government has seen the big picture, it is because it wants to con-cer-ta-tion and circulate in-for-ma-tion, while the opposition complains of being neglected.

At the beginning, more than sixty people plugged in their computer to follow the exchange. On the spot, only four ministers are there in “face-to-face”, according to the fashionable term. At the center of the image is of course the host, Jean Castex. It is five o’clock. No one knows, but it’s going to be a very long evening. A lot of people know each other. Dominique Bussereau, who represents the association of the departments of France, wishes a happy birthday to Jacqueline Gourault, the Minister of Territorial Cohesion.

Some sink into their sofa, others leave …

On the screen, 19 pages of explanations prepared by Matignon scroll. We finally get into the hard. The president of the LR group in the Assembly, Damien Abad, takes the floor. He pleads for the reopening of shops, but without constraint such as obligation to meet. Stanislas Guérini, number 1 of LREM, defends him, a strengthening of controls. “When someone respects the rule, they can’t stand to see that their neighbor who doesn’t have anything,” he argues.

Jean Castex does not really answer the questions, refusing to reveal the containment relief measures. He recounts his trip to Brittany at the start of the day. He also indicates that he will receive the mountain world on Monday to discuss the fate of ski resorts. The evening drags on. Delphine Batho calls for the abolition of Black Friday. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan pronounces the words “hydroxychloroquine” and “deconfinement”. Marie-Noëlle Lienemann sinks into her sofa. Christophe Castaner left for parliament to deal with the famous article 24 of the global security law which is controversial. But he left his camera on. Some leaders have been replaced like Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

“With Edouard Philippe, the atmosphere was more solemn”

Jordan Bardella asks to intervene. He protests against the establishment of a more informal parliamentary liaison committee, which will be set up by Jean Castex to follow the crisis. Will this body eventually replace these meetings of party leaders? The executive swears no. The fact remains that the executive no longer likes this kind of high masses, the penultimate of which at the end of October had turned into a rat race. The movement of Marine Le Pen, devoid of a parliamentary group, will not be a member. Then, the young MEP said his opposition to the postal vote. Finally, he complains about the cacophony between ministers. “Listen only to me now,” replied Jean Castex.

From 60 people connected, we quickly drop to less than 40. Hunger is felt. “With Edouard Philippe, the atmosphere was more solemn and the speeches more rhythmic, confides one of the participants afterwards. There, it is the good discussion, the discussion of counter, each one goes back up what his neighbor told him and asks his question which remains unanswered. It’s nice but we’ve been there almost three hours … “

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