National 2: “For me, this confinement is bad for good”, assures the new coach of Poissy

After 13 years at Viry (including 7 as a trainer), the ex pro (Red Star, Cannes, Istres), Walid Aïchour, 42, was appointed last Wednesday to train Poissy, red lantern of group A of National 2, at Laurent Fournier’s place. Taking up a post in full confinement therefore necessarily special.

You will not be able to train your new players for several weeks. How do you cope with this unusual situation?

WALID AICHOUR. I did not even have the opportunity to meet them physically. For me, the least of things was already to say goodbye to everyone in Viry. I went there Thursday before the reconfinement. There, I started a tour of the workforce, I will call all the players of Poissy one by one. I was present during the match against Sainte-Geneviève (1-2) and I will watch all the others in videos. It will give me a more precise idea. Ultimately, this cut is bad for good. I will have time to prepare well for the recovery which I hope will happen quickly. Mickaël Pizzo (Editor’s note: his assistant who coached the Poissy reserve) knows the club and the workforce well, I will rely on him a lot.

Does his presence seem important to you?

Yes, because he is a friend with whom I played at Red Star. He is upright, honest and conveys real values. The two of us will be in harmony. We correspond well, we have the same vision of football. Sportingly, he will also bring me a lot with his experience, especially among the young people of PSG.

You have been in Viry for 13 years. How did you feel when you turned this important page in your career?

Thirteen years in one place counts. I inevitably had a twinge in my heart. But I leave with the feeling of accomplishment and leaving the club in good hands. If I stayed so long at Viry, it was because I felt good there and I was very attached to this club. Me, I am a faithful person who seeks above all the human aspect in a project. My leaders were above all friends. With Pascal (Editor’s note: Mazeau, the vice-president and former president), we have made a great journey together. My managers were inevitably disappointed that I left like that, during the season. But they knew it could happen and they understood my position. They didn’t block me and I thank them for that. They even told me that they were “happy for me” that I found a level that lived up to my ambitions.

Viry was demoted for financial reasons to Regional 1 in 2018. Wasn’t there a bit of weariness among you?

It’s hard to go from National 2 to Regional 1. We fall back into a certain anonymity. Obviously, we are a little afraid of being forgotten and of being put in a box. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when Olivier (Editor’s note: Szewczuk, the president of Poissy) whom I know well, offered me this challenge. Since my appointment, I have received more than 200 messages, it’s nice, it shows that I have kept a good image.

In January 2019, you came back into the spotlight thanks to the Coupe de France where you reached the round of 16 after eliminating Angers (L1). Didn’t that open doors for you?

I met people but it was mostly out of courtesy. I didn’t see myself abandoning Viry in this situation. I was not ready. I had given myself two years to go back up. Last season, we were one point behind second and two behind the leader, but there was the Covid … It gave me a bit of a blow. I have always acted out of passion and determination. I felt maybe now was the time to find something else. This challenge of Poissy’s proposal fell well. I wouldn’t have gone anywhere. AS Poissy is a club that counts in the Paris region.

The team is last in its group and has not won a match. You didn’t choose the easy way?

In life, you have to know how to take risks. I am a competitor and these kinds of challenges suit me well. I feel able to pick it up. In all humility, I know these situations by heart. With Viry, we often managed to save ourselves at the end despite poor starts or handicaps such as points withdrawn by the DNCG. I have ideas. But it will be a team effort. For me, it is essential to feel the support of everyone. We will all get there together. When we see the energy and the investment put by the president, we want to give everything for him.

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