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National 2: Ismail Haddou’s revenge

He had dreamed about it all week, he had also spoken a lot to his teammates in training. Ismail Haddou did so in the 88th minute of the match won by Beauvais (4-1) against the Auxerre reserve this Saturday night at the Pierre-Brisson stadium. Author of Asbo’s last goal on this 8th day of Group B of National 2, he achieved a success that the Auxerre have never been able to dispute. His third achievement this season in the league, but also undoubtedly the tastiest.

“I was very keen on this goal, underlines the 24-year-old attacking midfielder who arrived last June from Endoume (N2, relegated to N3 this season). He completes all the work done by the team. “Not only … Because this goal also has the value of revenge for the one who is now Beauvais’ co-top scorer with Eduardo Rodrigo, in all competitions.

Quite simply because he was registered against the team of David Carré, the coach who he accuses of having turned his 2018-2019 season into a dead end in September. When he left the OM reserve in the summer of 2018, Haddou hopes to continue his dream of becoming pro on the banks of the Yonne. He will play in all and for all only three matches with National 3 – two in August, one in September – under the orders of David Carré. Obviously, resentment resurfaced this week as the meeting approached. “It was like that, it was a choice of the coach, says Ismail Haddou. Until today, I have no answer. “

He therefore chose to remember the good memories of his former club, and more specifically of the Auxerre coach. When he sees his ball in the net, Ismail Haddou, drunk with joy, sprints in the middle of his teammates to celebrate his goal with them. Then, in his tracks, he gave himself a long slide on his knees towards the bench of Auxerre. Arms raised in a V in the direction of David Carré, he savored his message without ambiguity. Then he brings his index fingers to his ears. “It was to tell him that I no longer listen to him, no matter what,” explains Ismail Haddou. I move on. “

A symbolic goal to permanently close a wound. “It was a complicated year in Auxerre,” says Ismail Haddou. It made me happy to show them that I can be well elsewhere, and that I just need somewhere else to be well. I had to set the record straight, show them what I’m capable of. Today, I am the happiest man in the world in this club (Editor’s note: Beauvais). ”

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