NBA: “The most exceptional with LeBron James is his longevity”, judge Rudy Gobert

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Rudy Gobert, currently in France, has gone to bed late in recent nights. The French pivot of the Utah Jazz obviously did not miss anything of the NBA final which opposed for six games, the Los Angeles Lakers to the Miami Heat with at the end a breathless duel, a victory (4-2) of the legendary Californian franchise led by his prodigy LeBron James.

The native of Saint-Quentin decrypts us a unique 2020 season marked by the epidemic crisis but also the disappearance of Kobe Bryant, racial problems and at the end of the end a fourth title for the NBA star with three different franchises (Miami, Cleveland and Los Angeles).

Is the Lakers title deserved?

RUDY GOBERT. It is such an unusual year from an extra-sporting standpoint that it has necessarily impacted the sports field. But when we do what’s necessary, when we work well, at the end of the day we always get what we deserve. The Lakers had a very good season and they were able to get the title.

Would the Lakers have won if the season had been “normal” without the health bubble of the playoffs?

I don’t really like “ifs”. But it’s clear that a lot of things would have been different for a lot of people, that’s for sure.

The matches in the sanitary bubble were of an excellent level. Is this your opinion?

We had very good encounters in unique conditions, without travel, without plane, without audience. This situation has benefited some players. For others, it was the opposite, but it’s already great that the NBA has managed to reconcile health security and resumption of competition. It is a success.

Do you think LeBron James is the best player of all time, ahead of Michael Jordan?

He is clearly the best player of his generation. Afterwards, it’s always too complicated to compare the eras. From there, we have to appreciate each player, each different person by ceasing to compare the periods.

“What also commands respect is that he continues to improve on certain aspects of his game,” Judge Rudy Gobert./AFP/Mike Ehrmann

In what area does he impress you?

The most exceptional is its longevity (Editor’s note: LeBron James has been playing in the NBA since 2003). What he achieves physically at his age (35), after all these contested seasons is very impressive. What also commands respect is that he continues to improve in certain aspects of his game despite his age.

This title of the Lakers the year of the disappearance of Kobe Bryant will he have a particular impact in the NBA?

All the players, everyone in general, was touched by this tragic disappearance. Of course, Lakers fans are even more moved by the title. But for us players, that won’t change the respect we had for Kobe.

When will your Utah Jazz team replace the Lakers in the NBA Finals: in 2021?

It is the objective. Everything is playable.

Do you know when the next NBA season will start?

It is not fixed. We do not yet have an exact date. I hope we will find out soon.

If it begins in January as is expected, French NBA players will not be able to go to the Tokyo Games …

It is not even known yet if the Tokyo Games will take place. Everything is still too uncertain. I hope we will know more soon because the Olympic Games remain a dream and a goal. We worked hard to qualify and we have a group that is really hungry for a medal at the Olympics.

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