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Nîmes-PSG: “Kylian Mbappé is the guy who can make the difference”, rejoices Thomas Tuchel

If he regretted seeing his list of injured people lengthen on Friday night in the Gard, Thomas Tuchel did not shy away from his pleasure at a press conference after the convincing success of his team (4-0) in Nîmes.

Is Kylian Mbappé therefore tireless to chain two games in two days?

THOMAS TUCHEL. No, but in Nîmes, it was somewhat the case. But it’s not possible to do that all season long. I spoke with him yesterday (Editor’s note: Thursday) and we made this decision together. He felt good, absolutely wanted to play… Kylian, he’s the guy who can make the difference. He did it, it was great.

What’s your take on rookies Rafinha and Kean?

The two had a good game. Rafinha has shown that he is very courageous with the ball, he plays with good energy, takes a lot of responsibility, is always looking for offensive solutions. He also made a nice assist to Kylian on the first goal. He had a good game. Moses too. He brings physics to our game, he fought against the defenders. I am very happy with him because he gave a lot of intensity to the game, does a lot of races without the ball. It’s a good start even if he sinned in the finish.

Was the victory easier than expected?

If everyone thinks it’s easy, that means we’ve made an effort to stay focused, very solid, very professional. We never lowered the intensity in the opposing camp, that’s the most important for me. Nîmes is a physical team. Of course, it was an advantage for us to play 11 against 10, but we did it well and in the end, it was a deserved victory. We have sometimes seen you annoy yourself with the lack of efficiency. Would you have liked to see your players consolidate the victory earlier?

Yeah, but I’m happy with the way we played. Sometimes we had a bit of bad luck. We had a few chances to kill the game earlier. But I had the feeling that we remained serious and structured.

How is Leo Paredes?

Not good. He suffered a horrible foul, I saw the video. And on the next action, he felt muscle pain. It will be very short for him to come back against Manchester on Tuesday.

Do you regret having him play after his return from South America?

Usually with him it’s easy, he knows his body very well and is never injured. Perhaps we would have done otherwise if we had had Danilo and if Ander (Herrera) had been able to train… But we had no choice.

Neymar was spared. Have you had any good news from the other injuries ahead of Tuesday in the Champions League?

No, we haven’t had any good news. We hope to get as many people back as possible. But for Marco (Verratti), Marquinhos, Draxler and Paredes, the deadline seems very short to me. Ney has no problem. As with Kylian, we spoke honestly and I decided to let him recover for a day. He resumes with us tomorrow (Editor’s note this Saturday) and will be in the field on Tuesday, that’s for sure.

What is your assessment of the transfer window?

It’s a good thing it’s finished, we can start working. Now it’s up to the players to prove what they can do. Danilo will resume with us. I hope Marqui will recover quickly. Starting to train with a full team is the beauty of a coach.

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