Nîmes-PSG: successful baptism for Rafinha, more mixed for Kean


The promises of the dawn tell of a man quite suited to PSG. Rafinha, 27, had a successful baptism at Costières for her first match with Paris and the very first of her season. Sign of a high level element after only ten days of training in a camp of the Lodges deserted by its internationals.

In more than thirty minutes, the Brazilian has known everything in Nîmes with an expulsion caused after the dangerous tackle from Loïck Landre at stomach level (12th), a warning after an excess of commitment (18th) and finally, the best for the end.

At the half hour, with the game in front of him, speed and precision of execution, the Parisian number 12 launched Kylian Mbappé perfectly in depth. The world champion then erased Baptiste Reynet to score the first goal.

Before Leandro Paredes’ injury exit, Rafael (the name on his jersey) Alcantara was a right torchbearer in Thomas Tuchel’s 4-3-3. He will then switch to the left but with one constant: a certain love for the axis, the desire to magnetize the balloons, to put himself between the lines.

“Rafinha? He finds solutions in front, he hits a lot of balls, ”notes Thomas Tuchel

This Friday in Nîmes, Rafinha was responsible for taking the reins of operations, for example pulling corners on the left side, showing an activity and an interesting volume, sometimes with waste like this missed pass (50th) for Moise Kean. He will be replaced by Colin Dagba (58th) for a largely satisfactory first for a largely satisfactory first, after 59 balls touched. “He is a courageous player, ignites Tuchel. He finds solutions in front, he hits a lot of balls. “

It is only one match but at this price – it arrived free -, the PSG would have been wrong to deprive itself of it. He could go on Tuesday with the reception of Manchester United depending on the evolution of the injury of Marco Verratti (lesion of the large right quadriceps femoral) with whom he competes.

Equally free but only on loan when Rafinha belongs for three years in Paris, Moise Kean suffered more for his first steps in the formation of Tuchel. With 54 minutes played with Italy against Poland and then the Netherlands in the League of Nations, the striker was not lacking in rhythm.

He displayed an interesting power, placed at the forefront of 4-3-3 with Mbappé to his left and Pablo Sarabia to his right. But he often seemed static, making few calls and races likely to offer solutions to Mbappé for example. He remained in the area without proposing any movements. “Moise was very strong. He fights with the defenders, rejoices his coach. He had some aggressive runs in the box. “

At the twilight of the first period (40th), he will show what still separates him from the attacker in full confidence. Alone in front of Reynet, he frames but the keeper deflects her. All this little world deserves to be reviewed and faced with a more consistent adversity and in the midst of indisputable holders like Neymar.

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