On the right, Laurent Wauquiez is starting a media return with soft steps

The last time we saw Laurent Wauquiez in a political program, it was in May 2019. A year and a half has passed: as much to say an eternity. The president (LR) of the Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes region was the guest this Sunday, November 8 in the morning of the program “Dimanche en politique” of the regional edition of France 3. A discreet reunion with the media, that the former Republican boss had fled since the dismal failure of the European elections (8.48%), the day after which he had to cede the presidency of the right-wing party. And to fall back, silent, in his region, letting grow, at the same time as a new beard, the speculations on a political return that many considered from now on impossible.

“We learn through life, we learn through failures, successes… I hope we also try to become sometimes wiser. It does not mean that we give up our convictions. The values ​​that I defend, I do not renounce them ”, philosopher on France 3 a Laurent Wauquiez still wearing a beard. He continues, giving “I have changed” imbued with an undisguised resentment: “I also try to learn from moments when I did not know how to convince, where sometimes I was criticized, caricatured …”. The presenter cuts it: “Caricatural, too …” “And caricatural also sometimes”, agrees the one who has been president of the region since 2015.

He does not deem “worthy” to speak of a race at the Elysee Palace

Asked about a potential presidential candidacy in 2022, he who has long been described as obsessed with the election queen, he sweeps away. “Did you hear me speak on the matter?” Never ”, he retorts… without answering in the negative. “We are in an absolutely major crisis, our region is one of the most affected by the Covid”, he still argues, believing that it is “not worthy” in these troubled times to speak of the race for Elysium.

He claims to “concentrate on one thing, our region”. No question either of declaring himself a candidate for his re-election in Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes during the ballot scheduled for 2021: “I will answer them in due time”. Little mystery about it, however. A survey published in July in La Tribune gave him comfortably in first position in the first round of the regional, with 31% of the vote, and winner in quadrangular in the second. What, hypothetically, put the wind in its sails, to come back to compete for the presidential nomination with Xavier Bertrand, Valérie Pécresse or Bruno Retailleau?

No doubt the scenario exists in his head. Not certain, however, that for the one some of his peers described as “the most talented” of his generation on the right, but also vilified because “insincere” and “too right-handed”, the way is clear.

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