PMU – Arrival of the quinté of October 14 in Angers: Elie de Beaufour takes his revenge on Fakir du Lorault

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Arrival of the quinté : 4 – 14 – 7 – 1 – 2

Outpaced by Fakir du Lorault (n ° 14) during its last outing on September 23 in the Lexovian stage of the GNT, Elie de Beaufour (n ° 4) took a resounding revenge on the resident of Mickaël Charuel during this first stage disputed on the hippodrome of Angers (Maine-et-Loire). Thanks to his good commitment at the first echelon, Jean-Michel Bazire’s partner easily controlled this 3,100 m long event and on a simple acceleration at the entrance to the finish line, he distanced himself from his rival. . This 18th success in 24 attempts allows him to don, alone, the yellow jersey of this Tour de France of the trotters with respectively, twelve and fourteen points ahead of And Voila de Muze and Fakir du Lorault.

Quickly well placed, rope side, behind the back of the facilitators, Maple Country (n ° 7) finished in a pleasant action to grab an easy 3rd place, not far from Fakir du Lorault. She is clearly ahead And Voila de Muze (n ° 1), constant appearing and Doum Jénilou (n ° 2), which withstood the good final effort of Cash du Rib. To note that Daida by Vandel (n ° 11) was at fault at the start of the race, imitated during the course by Indentation (n ° 10).

Stéphan Flourent, Romain Porée and the summary indicated the quinté in the disorder.

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