PMU – Arrival of the quinté on Monday 9 November in Angers: Pegasus offers a first success at this level to jockey Hugo Besnier

Arrival of the quinté : 12 – 11 – 4 – 1 – 3. Non runner : 15

After the victory of Stelvio won hard in the Angers Grand Prix (2nd race), the Quinté pitted fifteen competitors, after the forfeit of Furious of the Eagles (n ° 15), on the rope route to the right of the 1,600 m.

Object of a strong grip a few minutes before the start (its rating increased from 14 to 9/1), Pegasus (n ° 12) satisfied its takers by winning easily. After biding his time behind the hosts, he went on the offensive halfway through the finish line to easily create the decision, offering a first victory in a quinté to his young jockey, Hugo Besnier.

Sascha Smrczek’s resident is clearly ahead O’Goshi (n ° 11), a good finisher, and Larno (n ° 4), the great organizer of the event. Behind this top three, photography was necessary to decide Carlton Choice (n ° 1), Laris (n ° 3) and Saga Timgad (n ° 5), separated respectively in that order by a short head and a nose.

Disappointment with the favorite Tonnencourt (n ° 2). For a long time at the rear, he tried to get very close to the finish line and despite a correct end of the race, he was satisfied with 7th place.

Romain Porée indicated the quartet out of order.

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