PMU – Arrival of the quinté on Monday November 2 in Vincennes: Brillant Madrik as planned

Arrival of the quinté : 7 – 15 – 6- 13 – 14

Old servants, aged between 7 and 10, were grappling in the first quinté of the week, which was competed with the help of the autostart over the distance of 2,100 m.

Very well started, Lou’s Carioca (n ° 6) secured the best halfway point before suffering the shock of Sobel Conway (n ° 15). After having been patient within the peloton, this resident of Jean-Michel Bazire approached in a significant action in the last turn before taking the best on the protege of Léo Abrivard in the finish line without however resisting the favorite, Brilliant Madrik (n ° 7). Patient behind the animators’ backs, Alexandre Abrivard’s partner went on the offensive halfway through the finish line before dictating his law with authority. Behind Lou’s Carioca who keeps an easy 3rd place, Soyer Dollar (n ° 13), constant appearing, completes the arrival of the quartet and clearly ahead Maple Country (n ° 10). At a clear distance, Divine Mesloise (n ° 10) fails at the doors of the quinté and precedes Be One des Thirons (n ° 12). To note that Black Jack From (# 9) broke up in the final turn as he tried to get closer outside the hosts.

Kévin Romain and Halim Bouakkaz indicated the trifecta in order as well as the quartet and the quinté in the disorder.

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