PMU – Arrival of the quinté on Tuesday, October 13 at Chantilly: Our last minute, Flying Candy offers a first quinté to Alexandre Gavilan

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Arrival of the quinté : 10 – 16 – 13 – 4 – 5. Non runner : 9

After the package Trust Ahead (n ° 9), fifteen competitors set off for a 1,200m straight-line journey on the occasion of the day’s quinté.

Available at the last minute on our Audiotel service (0 892 683 675), Flying candy (# 10) won with authority at odds of 11/1. After having waited near the animators, the resident of Didier Guillemin went on the offensive 200 m from the goal to reach the height of Lightoller (n ° 16). After a short stint with the last city, she easily took the measure of her rival offering a first victory in a quinté to her jockey, Alexandre Gavilan. Away from the leading duo, Kiloecho (n ° 13) takes an easy 3rd place. Note that he is the only one of the three competitors to have galloped off the track to show off. Good finisher, Kilfrush Memories (n ° 4) takes 4th place and is clearly ahead Bakoel Koffie (n ° 5), Tepeka (n ° 7) and Tubo Dem (n ° 6).

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