Portugal-France (0-1): relive the success of the Blues, qualified for the last four

The essential :

  • Seven months before the Euro, the France team was up to the meeting against Portugal (0-1), title holder, in the top of the 5th day of the League of Nations. N’Golo Kanté scored the only goal in an exciting match.
  • Beaten to everyone’s surprise by Finland in a friendly (0-2) Wednesday, the Blues reacted well at the Luz stadium, and logically qualify for the last four of the competition.
  • First in the group with now 13 points on the clock, three more than Portugal, the Blues can no longer be overtaken by a goal-average particularly favorable (0-0 in the first leg at the Stade de France).

>> Relive the meeting minute by minute:

FINISHED. Winners of a prestigious match against the reigning European champion (0-1), the Blues won in Portugal their ticket for the last four of the League of Nations. N’Golo Kanté (54th) materialized the great match of the France team, at the level despite a Rui Patricio of the great evenings opposite.

90 ‘+ 2. Cristiano Ronaldo’s partners have not abdicated and are trying to get around the block of the France team, more than ever united in these last moments.

90 ‘. Additional time: four minutes minimum.

89 ‘. The Blues delivered a convincing performance tonight, led in particular by an impressive Rabiot-Kanté duo in the middle.

87 ‘. Stat ‘. France have not conceded a goal in their last 4 trips against Portugal, having conceded 2 or more goals in the first 4 (10 goals conceded in total).

85 ‘. Two last changes on the Portuguese side: Joao Felix and Danilo Pereira leave for the benefit of Oliveira and Paulinho.

83 ‘. On a good cross coming from the right by Cancelo, two Portuguese are close to recovering at the far post but get in the way a little by throwing themselves.

82 ‘. Lucas Hernandez’s turn to be warned with a yellow for an anti-gambling act.

79 ‘. Sanctioned for a late tackle on Danilo Pereira, Kanté receives a yellow card which will deprive him of the next match against Sweden on Tuesday.

78 ‘. New French change: not successful tonight, Martial leaves, replaced by Giroud.

75 ‘. What a stop for Lloris! (0-1) Cristiano Ronaldo sets fire to the tricolor surface with his leg passes, before serving as a setback for Moutinho. Arrived launched, the new entrant releases a magnificent shot, which Lloris will remove from his skylight by going to get the ball with his opposite hand!

74 ‘. The Portuguese try to press again to equalize, but the French defense is well in place, like a Varane who clears the center of Jota in the distance.

72 ‘. Double change for Portugal: Moutinho and Trincao come in, while Bernardo Silva and Bruno Fernandes come out.

68 ‘. Stat ‘. France has won its last 5 trips, its best series since September 2002-February 2004 (6).

65 ‘. Rui Patricio still there! (0-1) Up close, Rui Patricio is still on the parade on a Martial deviation following a cross from Lucas Hernandez! The poor French striker is not going to get there tonight.

64 ‘. Stat ‘. The Blues conceded three goals in the first four days of the League of Nations.

62 ‘. To save time before clearing, Lloris receives a yellow card.

60 ‘. Cast iron hits the post! (0-1) Lloris pushes an extremely long shot from Guerreiro to his left. Jota manages to cross hard in stride towards the far post, where Fonte places a header that hits the post after rebound! The Blues were hot.

59 ‘. Didier Deschamps also reacts: Thuram enters in place of Coman, for his second selection in Blues.

57 ‘. Portuguese first change: Carvalho is replaced by Liverpool winger Jota. A resolutely offensive choice made by Fernando Santos.

55 ‘. It is the second goal in the selection of Kanté, four years after the first.

54 ‘. Kanté opens the scoring close! (0-1) Rabiot makes the difference on the left side and seeks the one-two with Griezmann. The Turinese then strikes hard from the left corner of the area, a ball pushed back as best he can by Rui Patricio … on Kanté, who finishes the job in front of goal!

51 ‘. Stat ‘. France have not won any of their last 2 matches against Portugal (1 draw, 1 loss), having won the previous 10.

47 ‘. Portugal gets an eccentric free kick to the left of the French area. Ronaldo chooses to hit hard towards the goal, but the ball is not touched by any of his teammates and goes out of the goal.

46 ‘. It’s back to Lisbon! (0-0) No changes to note at the break.

9:43 p.m. Martial tried everything in the first half.

HALF TIME. First convincing and consistent period of the Blues, who dominate in points a dangerous Seleção by Cristiano Ronaldo (6th, 45th). France got the hottest chances, but Anthony Martial fell either on the bar (30th) or on a great Rui Patricio (12th, 41st). All that is missing is the goals for Didier Deschamps’ men!

45 ‘. Ronaldo grazes the bar! (0-0) On a corner hit on the right by Bruno Fernandes, CR7 rises higher than Kimpembe but his header goes a few millimeters above the crossbar of Lloris!

41 ‘. Another failure for Martial! (0-0) Griezmann sees Lucas Hernandez’s call on the left and serves him in deep. The center of the side is perfect in the race of Martial, who throws himself almost at close range to regain the right but stumbles again on a huge Rui Patricio!

37 ‘. Small fear in the French defense, while Danilo deflected a corner from the right with his head. The ball is navigating dangerously in the blue area.

36 ‘. Stat ‘. France has won its last 5 trips to Portugal.

33 ‘. The Portuguese get two consecutive corners, played each time in two stages, but it is always a French header that is on the path.

31 ‘. Danilo receives the first yellow card of this meeting.

30′. Martial hits the bar! (0-0) Pogba’s turn to take a good free kick. Griezmann triggers a combination at 25 meters. He serves at the far post Varane who put his head behind him for Rabiot. The return of the Turinese benefited Martial, who took a close lead but found the cross!

27 ‘. New nice movement of the Blues made of small touches. Rabiot’s handover from the left corner of the surfaec is good, but Martial’s shot then passes two yards aside.

25 ‘. Very interesting free kick obtained by Bruno Fernandes, full axis at about twenty meters. Of course, Ronaldo takes care of it, but hits the blue wall.

23 ‘. The first twenty minutes are well made for the Blues, who have already obtained three great opportunities and generally dictate the pace of this match.

20 ‘. On a ball returned to the axis, Bruno Fernandes attempts a volley which is captured without too much concern by Lloris, full axis.

18 ‘. Rabiot’s head! (0-0) Corner played on the right by Griezmann. The ball lands on the head of Rabiot, who takes the best in the air on Cancelo but uncrosses his head a little too much!

16 ‘. Stat ‘. Yet author of 102 goals with Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo has never found the net against France in 5 games.

12 ‘. Martial misses his duel! (0-0) Superb opening full of subtlety from Griezmann, who throws Martial perfectly into the box. The attacker comes face to face with Rui Patricio but the goalkeeper wins his duel by deflecting the flat of the Frenchman’s foot with one leg!

10 ‘. Coman responds to CR7! (0-0) Without a solution in front of the surface, Coman decides to go alone and places a dazzling acceleration to the right. He offsets a bit and hits hard, but runs into Rui Patricio!

9 ‘. After a few minutes of play, we see that Griezmann occupies a real leading position, finally in a 4-4-2 diamond. The Martial-Coman duo is positioned in front of the Barcelona, ​​free electron.

6 ‘. The first fuse lit by Cristiano Ronaldo! (0-0) After a support with Guerreiro and a perfectly realized one-two, Ronaldo releases a long shot that Lloris pushes back to his left!

4 ‘. Martial’s first call in the box, launched after a one-two between Rabiot and Griezmann in front of the box. The first presses his pass a little too much for Martial, and the ball goes out in six meters.

1 ‘. Let’s go to Lisbon! It is the Blues who kick off this final-like shock in this group.

8:40 p.m. The players enter the lawn of a Luz stadium behind closed doors, accompanied by the German referee of the match, Tobias Stieler. The anthems are ringing, the kick-off is imminent!

8:37 p.m. The Blues warming up.

8:33 p.m. Victim of a muscle problem, Kylian Mbappé had not participated in the collective session the day before the match and is forced to forfeit the match. An absence that is added to that of Wissam Ben Yedder, placed in isolation after a positive test for the coronavirus.

8:25 p.m. The winner of this new episode of the soap opera between the European and world champions will validate his ticket for the last four of this competition without much stake. But it will especially mark the spirits seven months of a Euro where the two teams will meet in the first round.

8:14 p.m. Three days after the squawk of the bis team against Finland (0-2), the return of the executives lets hope for a real shock in the form of the final of this Nations League group, a month after the draw reported by Cristiano Ronaldo and his family at the Stade de France (0-0).

7:45 p.m. Giroud on the bench, CR7 begins. Didier Deschamps has decided to align the France team in a 4-3-3 pattern. The coach leaves Olivier Giroud on the bench to start. The tricolor attack will be led by Anthony Martial, Antoine Griezmann and Kingsley Coman. Cristiano Ronaldo is the holder on the Portuguese side.

The composition of the teams:

Portugal: Rui Patricio – Cancelo, Fonte, Dias, Guerreiro – Bruno Fernandes, Danilo, William Carvalho – Bernardo Silva, Ronaldo (cap.), Joao Félix

France : Lloris (cap.) – Pavard, Varane, Kimpembe, Hernandez – Pogba, Kanté, Rabiot – Coman, Martial, Griezmann.

7:40 p.m. Good evening everyone and welcome to our site to follow the live commentary on the match between Portugal (1st, 10 points, goal difference + 8) and France (2nd, 10 points, goal difference + 4). The meeting counts for the 5th day of League A of the League of Nations. Kick-off scheduled for 8:45 p.m.

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