Portugal-France: Didier Deschamps salutes “the pride and pride” of his players

Didier Deschamps is smiling again after France’s victory against Portugal (1-0) which ensures him first place in group A3 of the League of Nations. The coach welcomes the return of his executives, in poor shape in recent weeks, and the rise of Adrien Rabiot, decisive.

Is this your best performance since the World Cup?

DIDIER DESCHAMPS. It is part of very good matches, we can say that this proves the quality of the France team, the ability to respond present in major meetings with a lot of control, facing such an opponent. It is a great pride for me to see players like this. It was not easy, we had complications in the preparation. They did it, it is a great satisfaction, even if I had no doubts, I know them well. I know their pride, their pride, their abilities. They may be less well but they are attached to the France team.

Are you going to release Kylian Mbappé for the match against Sweden?

No, it is not planned, he insists on it, he will be available. He did a session this Saturday which validates everything. N’Golo Kanté will not be available (he is suspended), like Corentin Tolisso who had a problem. He will join his club Bayern Munich. Against Sweden, we will savor, appreciate this last match of the year which will not change the standings. We are sure to be in Final 4, and in a group of 5 for the qualification of the 2022 World Cup.

Did you like your midfield?

It was complete, in their specific register, with volume, “N’G” (Kanté) on recovery, Paul (Pogba) too. Adrien (Rabiot) can play in several positions, he has this technical ease, aggressiveness and technical accuracy. The heart of the team is the environment, it sets the tempo. It’s hard to say that one has been below, I’m only unhappy for Martial. He made good moves, but the goalie made the difference.

Why did you prefer Anthony Martial to Olivier Giroud?

He is in competition with Martial, who is in great shape, and has a different profile. Olivier, I know him, he’s going through a difficult period psychologically and physically. He’s a big build, his playing time doesn’t do him a favor. I made this choice because it is better for the French team in this type of match. There is always competition between two or three players. In four months, I don’t know what it will be like for him and his situation. If she drags on, he knows exactly what I’m thinking.

What was N’Golo Kanté doing in this position on goal?

In Chelsea, he sometimes plays more of a midfielder, he has this ability. I don’t limit them. These are the compensations that must be made, I am not slowing them down by telling them to stay to protect the defense. They have the ability to project themselves.

Is this Adrien Rabiot’s comeback?

It happened what it happened. He had a complicated end of history at PSG, a difficult start at Juve. It has evolved, it is no longer the same. There is no question of its positioning. I know where he is ( Editor’s note: Deschamps played for Juventus and trained it ), when we are there, we do not complain. It is not for nothing that he is playing for a big club like Juve. He is attached to the France team. I trust him because I consider that he should be on the pitch.

Did you take a psychological advantage before finding Portugal at the Euro?

We achieved our goal of finishing first ahead of Portugal. In June, it will be the same forces present, but another story, I hope with the same scenario. This does not give any guarantees. It’s just the truth of tonight and this opposition. We will meet again in June and a lot can happen by then, but we will always find a lot of quality. This team is solid, projects well and is very complete. It is one of the best teams in the world.

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