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Presidential 2022: Marine Le Pen wants (again) to round off her image

The nine-page document is titled: “Separatism: the Republican Response of the National Rally to Emmanuel Macron’s Speech of October 2, 2020”. On October 6, Marine Le Pen handed it over to Gérald Darmanin, who received it at Place Beauvau. While recalling the inadequacies, in her eyes, of the bill on separatism, for example on immigration, she recognizes in this note that “the President of the Republic had the merit of expressly designating, and rightly, the threat islamist “.

In the morning, on RTL, the president of the RN even went so far as to greet “some intuitions” to Emmanuel Macron. A moderation in his opposition that contrasts with that of the boss of LR Christian Jacob who, him, sulphated the presidential project, saying he was shocked in particular by learning Arabic.

After calling on the French in mid-September to “respect the sanitary instructions”, by keeping away from the anti-mask movement, the candidate for the supreme office decided to play her score of opponent number 1 allegro ma non troppo. Far from the cameras, she met the new Plan Commissioner François Bayrou on September 29. She explained her vision to him on the strategic challenges of the next 30 years and in particular the upheavals that artificial intelligence will have in the world of work, relocations, the reconstruction of sectors and even gas exploitation in the Mozambique Channel. ! “The RN is playing its role as an opposition party. We are constructive and try to advance our ideas, ”quietly assures Philippe Olivier, advisor and brother-in-law of the head RN.

More presidential than Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Respectable, Marine Le Pen? It did not escape her that according to a recent Ifop poll, only 35% of French people believe that she has “the stature of a President of the Republic”. A low rate, but which has nevertheless jumped by 8 points since September 2017 and which outclasses the “tribunician” Jean-Luc Mélenchon who plummeted to 22%. So, without giving in to the substance of her speech, she decided to play the institutional game to the full. A strategy that the interested party presents as a real personal change. “I am definitely undergoing a process. The closer I get to the hypothesis of a victory, the more I put on the costume and put myself in the shoes of the future President of the Republic ”, she assures us.

The one who is thinking aloud about giving up her post of party president to appear above the fray has decided in this comeback to intervene less in the media and to better sequence her speeches. More selective communication that favors longer and more intimate formats. As evidenced by her participation in the meeting of Ruth Elkrief on September 19 on BFMTV during which the president of the RN was able to return at length, all smiles, on her “woman’s life”, her love of cats and gardening. “Her image of a woman-trunk behind a desk, we broke it with this program”, rejoices his team who provided some private photos, broadcast on the air.

“People who fear me do it in good faith”

What reassure the French of which, still according to Ifop, 60% assure that it “worries” them. A character trait not very promising for a presidential election and which is attributed “only” 54% to Jean-Luc Mélenchon. In 2016, she had already launched a communication campaign around “peaceful France” to ease its image. In vain.

“People who hate or fear me do so in good faith. They are convinced of what they heard about me, ”says Marine Le Pen, who points to the media’s responsibility. “I’ve always been in the job. I was seen there as a young girl, at 5, at 15, at 25, at 35, etc. I am probably the politician whom the French think they know best and know the least well. “To access the Elysee Palace, Le Pen wants to reveal Marine,” the woman, what she can think of other than immigration and the economy, “she said of herself. So “as soon as I am given the opportunity to do it, I will do it!” »She exclaims.

In her entourage, some even urge her to pose for a photo with her three children. “Most French people don’t even know she has them! A counselor chokes. Showing my children is my only limit, they have the right to a life that is not linked to mine, ”reacts the mother, who was also the daughter of Jean-Marie Le Pen. “Unless they wish …” she nevertheless opens the door a crack. “It deserves to be better known, reacts an elected RN. It’s hard for her to be completely caricatured all the time. But to change your image, it would still be easier to call yourself Madame Dupont than Le Pen… ”

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