Presidential election in the United States: Trump tries to remake his handicap


Donald Trump wants to catch up in the polls which give him 10 points behind his Democratic opponent Joe Biden while there are only 18 days of campaign left before the presidential election on November 3 in the United States.

As during the 2016 presidential election, the current president is increasing his meetings in states that he cannot afford to lose. On Friday, he made two trips to Georgia and Florida.

“We are going to witness a red wave (the color of Republicans, Editor’s note) of an unprecedented amplitude,” he said from Ocala in Florida. And to drive the point home: “On election day, we are going to inflict a resounding defeat on Joe the Sleeping”, he added in front of his supporters.

His angle of attack is to prioritize the personality of his opponent: “Joe Biden is a disaster, Joe Biden is a corrupt politician,” he says. “Competing against the worst candidate in the history of presidential politics puts pressure on me. Imagine that I lose […], what will I do ? I’m not going to feel very good, maybe I should leave the country, I don’t know, ”he quipped in front of a hilarious crowd.

Except that unlike 2016, Trump’s popularity has been tarnished in particular with the coronavirus crisis and several tenors of the Republican Party such as Senators Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham or Ben Sasse (elected from Nebraska) expect a heavy defeat of the current occupant of the White House.

Record fundraiser for Joe Biden, supported by Barack Obama

Several signs may be warning signs. According to data transmitted by the Nielsen Institute, Donald Trump’s “town hall” (televised exchange with voters) was less watched than that of his Democratic opponent (13,461,000 viewers against 14,135,000).

Most importantly, Joe Biden smashed a new fundraising record in September by raising $ 383 million. Donations that arrived after the first televised duel against Donald Trump. Many Americans have also not digested after the death of progressive Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Amy Coney Barrett known especially for her anti-abortion positions.

In addition, Joe Biden has just received the precious support of Barack Obama. For the first time, the still popular former President of the United States is expected to attend his first field campaign event in Pennsylvania on Wednesday. A key state for the presidential election. In 2016, Donald Trump won by only a short head.

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