Presidential majority: Barbara Pompili and Hugues Renson create their political party

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Emmanuel Macron wants the creation of a “common house”, bringing together the parties of the presidential majority? The Minister for the Ecological Transition, number two in the government, Barbara Pompili, and the LREM vice-president of the National Assembly, Hugues Renson, intend to have “a room” for them. They therefore decided to transform their current In common !, co-founded in May with the LREM deputy Jacques Maire, into a political party. The change of statutes – which provides, among other things, for an association of funding and an electoral committee – must be recorded on Wednesday October 14 at the end of the day, during a general assembly.

In common ! which claims the support of some 55 majority parliamentarians and 500 members, will be chaired by a representative of civil society, Philippe Hardouin. And endowed with three vice-presidents, the founders of the association: Barbara Pompili, Jacques Maire and Hugues Renson. Unlike that of the Republic in March, membership will… pay.

Why create a new political entity rather than continue to register within LREM? Accentuating the archipelago of the presidential majority, the creation of this new party may well be greeted with coldness at LREM HQ. “It is an initiative that I would find a little surprising”, anticipated the boss of the party, Stanislas Guerini.

Weigh in the next investitures

“The transformation into a party is essential if we wish to bring social, ecological, solidarity and civic sensitivity to life in the common house. It is also a matter of reconnecting with the promise of 2017: to bring together committed citizens around a political line to which they are contributing, ”defends Hugues Renson. Because, if they exclude the creation of a new group at the Assembly, the creators of In Common! intend to “have a seat around the table of discussions” between partners of the majority, especially when the time comes for the nominations for the next elections. In short, weigh.

PODCAST. Who is Barbara Pompili really?

In doing so, does not Barbara Pompili, ex-EELV, risk reviving the criticisms of those who, in Macronia, accuse her of not playing collective? “Today, several political parties, the Modem, Territories of Progress, Agir, are represented in the government. I subscribe to the same approach as all my colleagues “, argues the Minister of Ecological Transition, who” of course “warned Emmanuel Macron and Jean Castex of the approach. She insists: “By doing this, I feel like I am providing support, assistance, added value. “

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