PS: Hélène Geoffroy, this stranger who challenges Olivier Faure

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Can the complicated situation of the PS be reduced to a quadratic equation? By chance Hélène Geoffroy, scientist specializing in mechanical calculations and structures, but also socialist mayor of Vaulx-en-Velin, in the suburb of Lyon, decided to tackle the problem. On October 24, the former Secretary of State for the City, 50, will therefore table a motion that will compete with that of Olivier Faure for the next PS congress scheduled for December 12 and 13 in Villeurbanne.

If the motion of the socialist of Guadeloupe origin beat that of the outgoing first secretary, she would therefore take the head of the party founded by François Mitterrand. A simple calculation of probabilities is enough to make this hypothesis unattainable. So why present yourself, with whom and to say what?

“The idea came to me at the end of our summer school in Blois,” explains Hélène Geoffroy. Suddenly I asked: By the way, is there a text in preparation for the management’s motion? Unlike Olivier Faure, I consider that we must first unite the Socialists before wanting to unite the left, that’s why I started. “

“She is a candidate that must be respected”

We do not jostle at the Ivry gate – where the Socialists have established their temporary camp before moving back to the capital next year – to file texts against the management. Friends of François Hollande have given up, just like Senator Rachid Temal.

The way was therefore clear for Hélène Goeffroy, well recovered by the last municipal elections: “The leadership of the PS had taken the decision without consultation to interrupt the process of appointing our leader for the metropolis of Lyon for the benefit of a responsible for a small Croix Rousse party (Editor’s note: a district of Lyon). ”Vice-president of the metropolis since 2014, the mayor of Vaulx-en-Velin refuses to submit and leaves under her own colors in her constituency. She will save the furniture while keeping both her town hall and her post of vice-president of the agglomeration.

Who are the great elected representatives of the PS ready to put their signatures at the bottom of the Geoffroy motion, the ink of which is not yet dry? Mystery. “We will say it later,” assures the elected representative of the Rhone, specifying: “I go around the sensibilities of the party, I am not the spokesperson for anyone, I want us to speak to the social majority of the country. “A competition that does not seem to worry Olivier Faure:” It is a candidate that must be respected, indicates the boss of the PS. The best way for me to convince is to find people who don’t think like me. “Without this” sparring partner “, the First Secretary would have found himself alone in the ring, forced to mimic an imaginary fight. Here he is reassured.

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