PSG: Alessandro Florenzi, captain of circumstance with Italy

He left PSG at the break of the match against Rennes, tired and to avoid any muscle glitch in the second half. Alessandro Florenzi reappeared not only in great shape but above all with the captain’s armband around his arm for the Italy match, won this Sunday (2-0), against Poland, in the Nations League.

For his 39th selection, the 29-year-old right-back had a moving evening at the Mapei Stadium in Reggio Emilia. It was there, in fact, that four years ago, in October 2016, he seriously injured his left knee and left the field on a stretcher fearing for the rest of his career.

This is why, at the end of the meeting, Florenzi explained at the microphone of the RAI that wearing the armband on this lawn with the Italian selection was “a very special moment, as if the circle had come full circle”.

“In this stadium, four years ago, I believed that with this injury I would never play football again,” he continued. And yet here I am with the Italian captain’s armband around my arm… ”

If the story is good for the neo-Parisian, it must nevertheless be emphasized that it is because of a long list of absentees for injuries or cases of Covid that he thus found himself promoted. Even coach Roberto Mancini, who tested positive, was forced to follow the match from home.

In difficulty defensively

“Florenzi found himself captain only for arithmetic reasons,” underlines Andrea Elefante, reporter at Gazzetta dello Sport. The captains remain Chiellini and Bonucci but they were forfeited. “

The PSG player also stressed the difficulty of the mission fulfilled by the Italians in these particular circumstances. “It was a tough game for all of us,” he said. But we were united both between players and the staff. There is great trust between us. We have fantastic players who are always ready when called up and this Italian team deserves a round of applause ”.

At PSG, if Florenzi has already convinced by his offensive contribution and in particular quality centers, he sometimes appeared in difficulty on the defensive level. Andrea Elefante underlines: “He has not changed because he arrived at PSG. He remains on the right of the defense in the national team but because in Italy there are not many players who play straight! So, somewhere, it’s inevitable that he is the incumbent in this position. But it is not for its exceptional performance. “

Seen from Italy, the reporter from Gazzetta dello Sport believes that Florenzi’s departure from PSG is a good thing. “If he plays, yes, it’s always positive,” he remarks. At Roma, he was not playing, so if he can have continuity that’s good. “

Florenzi now has an appointment with Italy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, this Wednesday at 8:45 p.m. His compatriot Moise Kean has already returned to the Loges camp, injured, to be treated. Marco Verratti will resume collective training this week marked by a trip to Monaco on Friday.

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