PSG: Kays Ruiz-Atil, an urgent contract extension

Tick, tock… Time flies and Kays Ruiz-Atil, 18, has still not extended his contract with PSG. This ends on June 30 and the midfielder will be authorized to sign with any club for the next season as of January 1, 2021. If the planets seem better aligned than a few months ago in this case, the precedents call for the greatest caution.

Kays, child prodigy from the Gerland district (Lyon), who left for Barça at the age of 7, is the most used neophyte this season, with 147 minutes of play on the clock, including a good quality half-time against Nantes Saturday (3-0 victory). This earned him compliments from Thomas Tuchel, and a call to order, according to the manager’s preferred method with his Titis, based on a little carrots and a lot of sticks.

“He had a good game,” said the German coach. Now the most difficult happens: he still has to prove himself in training on Monday ”. The Franco-Moroccan seems to have understood the message, according to his reaction on the PSG website: “Everything went well, I made a very good entry. […] It gives me confidence, after that you have to keep working, always staying on the right track. It is a source of pride. But you have to work more to try to play. “

Well integrated in the cloakroom

The landscape is much more open than last season. The contract extension discussions had been stopped because the relay medium and his entourage demanded his integration into the pros in training. Ruiz-Atil felt that he had covered the issue at the training center, which was sometimes reflected in his attitude according to his trainers.

The arrival in the professional group after the departure of Adil Aouchiche in Saint-Etienne, then the Final 8, marked a new start for the technical and slender player (1.82 m). He was hazed with great blows of hair clippers and well integrated by the locker room where his seven years spent in Spain facilitate his adaptation to a very Latin atmosphere. As his recent comments show, he would be very happy with the turn of the start of the season and would comfort him in his forcing last season to rub shoulders with the stars of the club on the lawns of the Camp des Loges.

A short sequence broadcast on the Instagram account of PSG after the meeting in Nantes after the return from the locker room was nevertheless interpreted as an attempt to discuss Leonardo refused by the player. According to close sources, the two men exchanged only about the media imperatives of the player. The Parisian posted a message on his Instagram account: “I have always respected the club, the institution and its values”.

A sporting situation conducive to a new deal

Behind the scenes, talks for an extension have resumed. Kays Ruiz-Atil has secured the services of Alain Migliaccio as agent (the same as Zidane). Echoes from the player’s entourage ensure that he makes PSG his priority and that the sporting situation is conducive to a new deal. A trend that must be taken with a grain of salt in a club which recently saw Kouassi and Aouchiche leave free after they had held a reassuring speech for months. The community and its relatives would not be in a hurry and the outcome is rather to be considered in weeks, at least.

The fact that Kays Ruiz-Atil is already under a pro contract and his age at least allow Paris and the player to discuss a long-term lease (the first pro contract is limited to 3 years). The negotiations would cover four additional years, until 2025 (the maximum duration of the contract is 5 years). The financial aspect is at the heart of the discussions, as is the sporting project reserved for this hope, followed by the whole of Europe from an early age.

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